How to make an original centerpiece for Christmas

Christmas lunches and dinners are more attractive if we decorate the table with a well-elaborated and cared center. Before deciding on the multiple options for this decoration, we have to assess table size, the diners who are going to sit with her and the space that we are going to have depending on the dishes that we will serve. Afterwards, we can choose from the wide variety of possibilities that there are, such as flowers, lights, candles, and so on. Sometimes you will see that it is not necessary if you want to buy anything, but resort to crafts that we can make ourselves or use decorations that we already have at home.


Actually, making a centerpiece for Christmas is not complicated, everything will depend on our tastes and preferences because its preparation also relies on the personal creativity and imagination of each. The only thing that must be respected is the type of decorations that we are going to use which, of course, must be in tune with the reason of the moment, that is, Christmas.

The dimensions of the table are important, since if it is long it gives much more play and allows place a center that occupies almost one end to the other. While in the round tables, you will have to look for another type of effect, more in tune with the curved shape of this furniture. For low living room tables too special centers can be created, but more focused on being an adornment suitable for the entire festive period.

Christmas table

Candles, balls and others

One of the most used resources for these decorations are the candles, as well as other materials that we can obtain from the Christmas tree or elements of this holiday, such as dried pine cones, moss, holly, or mistletoe. Starting from this base, the combinations are infinite. You can make different centers with a candle in the middle and repeat them along a rectangular table or arrange several candles in a line and then add other elements in a coherent way and without overloading.

If we have leftover balls or tree ornaments they will also be useful to create original centers. We can use a ceramic bowl and fill it with balls of different sizes and colors. Around it we will place holly branches or even tinsel following the rounded shape of the container.

In the event that we are looking for something simpler, on a square or round tray we will place candles of various sizes and a couple of balls. It is a pattern that we will repeat throughout the table or, if it is small, perhaps a tray will be enough.

The Christmas centerpieces that fit well on round tables are the elongated ones. Here you can turn to flowers and pine branches, some balls and fine candles to complete the set, which located in the center will not go indifferent.

Sometimes, although this is less conventional, small firs are used to place them on the table. They are put online, just like the candles, and then those products that we consider appropriate are incorporated. Today we can find very original and colorful ideas.


We have to be careful with the colors so as not to clash too much with the harmony of the other items that will adorn the culinary act. Thus, it is necessary to consider the tone of the tablecloth and the dishes that we will use, and try to make the arranged Christmas decorations balance the whole. In the same way, if we take into account the tree and how we have decorated the rest of the house, then the result will be more perfect if possible.

The typical colors of Christmas They are the reds, the greens, the golds and the silvers, but if we want something different we can combine less traditional pieces of blue or purple tones, for example, with those of a lifetime.

Christmas centerpiece

Own resources and flowers

To give an ethereal touch or simulate snow, cotton is ideal for creating this effect. Placed under some balls it generates this sensation and creates a pleasant effect.

If we like to work with our own hands, felt ornaments allow endless shapes to be made that can be used to make a different centerpiece.

Not a bad idea either turn to poinsettias, the queens of this season. These are already a nice decorative element and allow different possibilities. One of them is to place several in a wicker basket and add some balls, pinecones or red tinsel.

Using fresh flowers of another type as an alternative will give a different touch to the room. They are natural and the ideal is combine red flowers with white, but adding some other element typical of the time such as elongated candles.