How to make an advent calendar for (and with) your grandchildren

The Advent Calendar It is one of those customs that little by little have been penetrating our country, since where it really is a tradition is in Central European countries like Germany.

Advent means coming, so it is not difficult to deduce that it is a countdown to Christmas, the time when the birth (arrival) of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Apparently it all started in the 19th century in the German country, when families counted the days that were left for Christmas. They started lighting candles and little by little they were opting for other practices that, at times, were delicious: in the 20s of the last century the first advent calendar with chocolate bars inside. This made the tradition go beyond religious worship and reach many homes, either with store-bought or homemade calendars.

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Precisely the latter are the reason for these lines in which we will point ideas to share with grandchildren, who are usually the ones who most enjoy everything related to Christmas.

Making an advent calendar

Before going to the different options that you can «make», it should be noted that these calendars they started on the first Sunday of Advent, that is, the fourth before Christmas day. For that reason, the calendars usually vary between 22 and 28 days (depending on when December 25 falls). However, most of them are accounted for from December 1, so they always have 24 days and thus there is no room for misunderstandings.

Therefore, we move on to the manufacture of a calendar, an activity that will not only make you have a fun time with the little ones in the house, but you can also take advantage of teach them crafts that will help them in their psychomotor development. Also, if your age is still young, it will be a great opportunity for you to learn the numbers.

Different models of calendars

As you will see, the possibilities for making the calendar are many and varied, using for this all kinds of materials: paper, felt, branches, plastic cups, tweezers, rolls of toilet paper, envelopes … Therefore, it is best that you use those that you already have.

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With decorated papers

Use Gift Wrap (if possible with Christmas motifs), and decorate it with numbers and stickers. You can use decorated jealousy (called washi tapes) and once you have the 24 papers, hang them with clips on one or more strings. The children will pick up one each day. As an option, you can include a text in which you write down the candy or food that they will get each day.

With boxes or paper bags

In this case, you have the option of building them with your grandchildren using some kind of robust paper (in the purest origami style). In each of them you will put the corresponding number and inside you will save a chocolate bar, a candy or even a Christmas ornament to be placing daily. These boxes can be placed on a table or can also be hung. For this you can reuse a rope and pliers or directly tie them and hang, for example, from a branch.

How to make an advent calendar for (and with) your grandchildren

With paper envelopes

Something simpler than the previous calendar is the use of envelopes. You can buy them in many sizes and colors to make it more attractive. In this case, it will be necessary to put the numbers (painted or with stickers) and find a good place to place them, either hanging or on some surface. Of course you can also teach the little ones to create your own envelopes with paper and cellophane. It will take longer, but it will be more fun.

With cloth bags

A perfect possibility for each of them to house some detail. You can even cut out pieces of fabric of different colors and draw the numbers for them, put something inside and then make bags with some thread from which they will hang.

With rolls of toilet paper

This modality is ideal to let the imagination take control of the moment in which you create the advent calendar. To decorate them you can use felt, eva rubber, markers, different kinds of papers, ribbons… And you can create «little characters» to any other fun way.

With little paper houses

Instead of making boxes, another option is to create small houses out of paper or cardboard, so that you make a kind of numbered christmas village. Aesthetically it is very attractive and the children will love having their own town.

Apart from those mentioned it is also possible to make an advent calendar with cardboard or plastic cups, and even with small pots that you can place on a ladder or on a pallet. This is a more elaborate option, but there are those who are looking for challenges. Also, another nice option is to use any of the previous models and hang them on some tree or bush branch. It will give it a very cozy look and it will become another decorative element for Christmas.