How to make a homemade kitchen grease cleaner

Burners, tiles, countertop, appliances, furniture … if you like to cook and spend time preparing different recipes, surely you know that grease, which adheres everywhere, is one of the main problems when it comes to keep the kitchen shiny.

You have specific products to eliminate it easily, but many contain chemical elements that can be aggressive in excess for certain surfaces and also give off odors that are not too pleasant, even toxic. Especially if you suffer from any type of allergy or sensitivity to some of the chemical components present in these products, you may be interested in trying to make your own anti-grease kitchen cleaner.

kitchen degreaser

How to make an effective and «ecological» grease remover

White vinegar, essential oils, lemon juice, bicarbonate … are some of the ingredients that you can use to make, at home, different cleaners, valid to leave impeccable all the elements of a kitchen.

The White vinegarAlso called distillate, it is the most recommended for general cleaning at home (better than wine or apple) and you can find it in any drugstore or supermarket. It has multiple applications and is excellent for removing grease and dirt in the kitchen. For daily cleaning, mix it, in a spray bottle, in the following proportion: 4 parts of water and one of vinegar. Spray on any surface, let it act for a couple of minutes and remove with a damp cloth … you will remove any remaining grease that may have splashed on furniture, tiles or countertops.

If you need a remedy to eliminate the most resistant fat, an effective option is add a teaspoon of bicarbonate to the previous preparation. In this way you will increase its capacity as a powerful solvent.

In addition to using them as ingredients to make natural cosmetics, such as soaps or creams, essential oils, especially those obtained from citrus They can give you a hand when it comes to eliminating the grease that dulls the kitchen. Try, for example, to dilute in an empty plastic bottle that no longer works for you: half a liter of water, half a small cup of neutral soap powder and 3 – 4 drops of lemon essential oil or, failing that, The juice of two lemons. Shake the container well and you have an effective degreaser, with a pleasant smell, valid for practically any surface. If you prefer, you can use another oil such as orange or rosemary.

For the embedded fat that may have remained, for example, on the burners or adhered to the tile joint, apply and leave for a few minutes, a small amount of bicarbonate soaked in vinegar (with a solid consistency, forming a kind of dough). This simple remedy will remove it, so that you only have to finish removing it with a damp cloth or cloth.