How to make a Halloween pumpkin

To the kids, Halloween they love. The costumes that are very scary, the school party, the sweets typical of these dates, the ‘trick or treat’ … So if you propose to your grandchildren to make the traditional pumpkin, they will be more than willing and you need very little to enjoy together a very simple craft, perfect to give the house the gloomy touch that they enjoy so much.

The first thing you need to do is find the right pumpkin. Find a good size so that it ‘scares’ a lot, but you will have to look at three important details:

  • Must have a slightly flat base so it stays in position and doesn’t roll off.
  • It has to be at its point of maturation so cutting it doesn’t become mission impossible.
  • Choose one with a rather long tail, because they are more beautiful and because that way it will be easier to remove the upper part, the ‘lid’.
Halloween pumpkin

With your perfect pumpkin, the first step is to make the upper slit, which you will have to remove to insert a candle as a final touch. To do this you need a good knife or a cutter (be careful with possible wounds and cuts when handling). To get it right, you must proceed to drive the cutting element at an angle (not making a cross section). Nail the tip and go making a circle, little by little.

With the ‘lid’ removed, it’s time to empty the pumpkin. With the help of a couple of spoons, you can do it easily. Remove as much pulp (and seeds) as you can). Of course, it is not thrown away and it is a good time for you to explain to your grandson the good properties of this seasonal food, with which you can make from a wonderful pumpkin cream, to angel hair. The pumpkin should be as clean as possible so that it lasts longer (otherwise it would spoil giving off bad smells).

Ready, the funniest moment arrives, to give it ‘life’ drawing eyes, nose and mouth ‘creepy. ‘ You can opt for the classic triangles for the first two and paint a crescent for the mouth, in which it is important to leave some ‘tooth’ that protrudes. Another possibility is to make a zigzag mouth. You can directly paint the elements of the face on the vegetable itself, but it is also a good idea to make several «models» on paper, in the form of a template that you can paste to later remember. Once the face of the pumpkin has been chosen, it only remains to cut, also with a knife or cutter.

As a final touch, a candle insideIt will give the spooky air that any Halloween pumpkin worth its salt should have.