How to Make a Foldable Cloth Bag in Easy Steps

A foldable cloth bag is very comfortable since we can carry it without just bulk and weigh. In fact, it is very practical if we suddenly remember that we have to buy something at the supermarket, since then we will only have to take it out and put the purchase we have made. We can make one of these bags at home if we like crafts and sewing, it is just a matter of following a few steps.

Making the bag

If we have a sewing machine it will be easier to do it, or at least it will take less time because we have to join the edges, the handles and the bag where the folded bag will go. We will therefore need a thread, a needle, otherwise we have a machine and a cloth. The latter can be a t-shirt if we are going to use a needle and son, so that it does not fray, but with it a fine fabric will suffice.

The width must be about 55 centimeters and the length of at least 1.40 meters. First we stretch it out on a table folded by the half starting from its width, and then we fold it in half again, but following its vertical line.

Our pattern will be a normal tote bag, those of the supermarket plastic. This we have to fold in half and put it on top of the fabric so that its edge is glued to the fabric that we have folded, that is, place it at the end that is bent.

Next we cut the fabric leaving about 4 centimeters of margin with respect to the edge of where we have placed the bag. We have to extend this cut to above the handles, leaving more space in this part, at least 10 centimeters more. Next, we continue cutting with the scissors, turning them towards the hole left by the handles of the bag, but trying that this cut is curved. The right end, the opposite of where the handles go as well, must be cut curved.

The handles may have been too wide for us, so we will have to cut them to narrow. Then you will have the shape of the bag made. If you unfold them you will see.

Then, you will only have to sew the edges with machine or with French stitching (on the outside and inside, to make it more resistant).

Alternative to plastic bags (bigstock)

The pocket

To make the pocket where to fold it you have several options. A) Yes, you have to fold the bag and with this measure Take another piece of fabric and create a pocket where it fits in this way, but always with one of the longest sides (the one below the pocket). Once you have sewn it, you put it in the center with the bag under it so that it is between the handles. You will have to cut the edge sticking out of the pocket with the same curved shape as the bag. Then we put the pocket on top, centered, and we sew it along the edge to the bag. We will have already incorporated it and We can put it inside by folding it first by the handles and then in the middle.

Alternatively it can be placed in the center of the bag a rectangle of a different fabric, something stronger or leatherette, with two protruding straps on its sides to hold it. This you have to sew in the center, hold it all over the sides, except the one that is facing the handles. Then you put some automatic clasps on each of the two ribbons, one part is the male and the other the female. We fold the fabric, and the bag would be inside.