How to make a cane: measurements, woods, handle …

The cane has not always been an element that only helped to walk, but in some times brought a touch of class. Whether for one use or another, you can make your own cane if instead of buying it you want to have a good time making crafts. We tell you how.

Choosing the wood

The first thing that is needed is get the right wood. For this we have the possibility of buying a piece of which we will carve the cane or pick it up from the field of a fallen branch. Remember that you cannot tear branches or cut down trees that do not belong to you, so if you do not buy the wood, be careful where you get it from.

As for this wood, it must be hard enough to support the weight of a person when leaning, especially if the cane is intended for a person with mobility problems. That of ash tree, for example, it is very suitable for these tasks and works quite well. Other common options are chestnut wood and hazelnut wood. Both are light and quite flexible. Also, the willow It is also a good wood because it is not too hard to carve and is flexible and resistant to moisture.

How to make a cane

Of course, if what you want to do is a purely ornamental pattern, you can even choose the bambooIt will give it a very attractive appearance if you work it well – they used to use it at the beginning of the 20th century.

How long should the cane be?

Before getting “on the chopping block” you must be very clear what is the measure that you have to carve. If it is not going to be for anyone in particular, it is best that you choose a more or less universal one of some 92 or 93 centimeters, but if it is intended for a specific person (yourself or a friend or family member) the most appropriate thing is that you take the exact measurements. In case it is shorter or longer, instead of helping, it could be uncomfortable and even cause injury.

To measure it correctly, the person for whom it is intended must stand up and wear the type of shoe that they usually use. The handle of the cane should be at the wrist joint, so that will be the chosen measure. Of course, keep in mind that you must count the handle of the cane, not just the body. Remember that if the cane is for you, you will have to ask for help so that they measure the distance and do not work in vain making a cane that you will not use later.

Carve the wood

When you have the wood, two options are presented to you: on the one hand, you can carve everything together, that is to say, the handle and the body of the cane; and on the other, you have the option of carving each of these parts separately. In that case, at the end you must join them with a screw that will be embedded in both.

To carry out this work you will need some tools and, if possible, have a lathe where you can hold the piece of wood. If this is very large, the first step will be to use a handsaw or a saw that allows you to remove large pieces of wood or divide a block into two or three parts to make more poles or to make the handle if you mold it separately.

Apart from the handsaw, you will also need:

  • Gouges. They are essential for carving any type of wood, since with them it is possible to give the appropriate shapes, be they straight, curved or even knuckles. They will also help you in case you want to make a slit.
  • Chisels. They are similar to the previous ones, but their cut is straight.
  • Rasps and files. Once you have shaped the stick, you have to give the final touches, that is, leave it straight, without damage. With the rasps and files you can review all the work and make sure perfectly smooth (in case you want it to be this way). As you are not in a hurry to finish the cane, make sure that the finish is the one you want, since the more you go over it and the better the result, the longer it will last.
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The hilt

We have already commented that the handle of the cane can be carved from the same piece of wood or done separately, joining both parts with a screw. Be that as it may, it is the most ornamental part and it must also be comfortable so that leaning is pleasant. The most common are curved and the ones that have shape of “t” (perfect for those who cannot close their hand well and can only lean), although all kinds of reasons can be used in case the use we make of the cane is less “therapeutic”.

Cane or walker when each is recommended (Bigstock)

Once you have everything perfectly carved and prepared, you should varnish the wood so that it lasts longer and withstands any inclement weather. In addition, it will give it a shine that will make it stand out more. And if there are two pieces that make up your cane, to embellish the result you will have to use a bronze bushing that masks the place where they meet. That way there will be a lot more elegant and the finish will be more professional.

The last step will be to put the rubber pad which is located at the end of the cane that rests on the ground. You may buy it at any hardware store and stick it on the base. And you would already have your own model.