How to line the cabinets in a simple way?

It does not take a handyman to carry out small improvements in the furniture that we have at home. Restoring a chair or changing the color of a small auxiliary furniture are some of the things you can do to completely change the look of those pieces that you have at home and have become outdated. With a little skill you can also line a closet, drawers or the back of a sideboard to leave it out of magazine. If you like decoration, take note of these simple tricks:

How to line the cabinets in a simple way

With wallpaper

Use wallpaper to line the cabinets It is the easiest way to get them flawless without spending a lot. Any wall paper can do the trick. You will have to take the measurements of the canvases to be wallpaper and cut the paper to the same size. To stick it, use a special glue or the glue gun to fix it to the wall and try not to leave air that forms unsightly lumps.

In order to line the drawers with wallpaperFirst, make a template out of tissue paper or parchment paper that is used for cooking in the oven, which is thin and fits the shape well. Once you have the template marked, repeat it on the wallpaper and then cut and paste.

A beautiful wallpaper also looks spectacular on the back of a display case, and it can even be used to change the cabinets on the outside, if your carpentry has gone out of style or is in poor condition.

With vinyl

In the market you find some self adhesive vinyls that are perfect to line the cabinets in a simple way. They come available in many sizes, which you can trim to fit the size you need, and the best part is that you don’t need to use glue to fix them. You find them in all kinds of patterns and their placement is very quick and easy.

With cloth

Maybe the most complicated technique is the one that uses fabric to line the cabinets, like yesteryear. Keep in mind that the surface must be covered on the inside with a plywood that allows you to fix the fabric with staples, using a special stapler like the one used by upholsterers. It is not impossible, but it requires a certain technique. And the result is so spectacular that it is worth it.