How to light the fireplace without filling your house with smoke

Who does not want the natural warmth of a good fireplace in the cold? Without a doubt, a Sunday afternoon watching series with a blanket and a relaxing fire can be one of the best plans.

But, to light the fireplace correctly, you have to take into account a series of steps if you do not want that afternoon to become the worst of your nightmares.

Chimney sweep

Chim chímeni, chim chímeni, chim chim cherí, … People know that chimney sweeping is servile, but it gives them luster. Although the chimney sweep lives smoked, there is no type in the world with such a good humor. Do you remember Mary Poppins? In it they already insisted on the importance of chimney sweeping to avoid problems.

How to light the fireplace without filling your house with smoke Photo: bigstock

And it is that when the time of chimneys arrives, the first thing to review is the threw. This must be clean, clear and well insulated, since, otherwise, when we light the chimney the smoke will not come out correctly and will enter our houses.

Soot accumulates in the draft, therefore, a regular cleaning of the draft by a specialist is recommended in order to avoid possible fires or poisonings, in addition to contributing to its proper functioning and durability. Its performance will be optimal and it will consume less, also reducing the emission of gases and fumes.

The draft regulator it should open fully if it works properly. If it does not, it is necessary to fix it before lighting the fireplace. From the ground we must see the outside when looking up.

Firewood is essential to avoid generating excess smoke. This must be very dry and must not be treated wood since if the firewood is wet it will cause a large amount of smoke. Remember that, to avoid wasting firewood, you must first use the small logs to light the fireplace.

To avoid the generation of fumes, unpleasant odors, as well as toxic elements, we recommend do not put containers or objects on the fire of any kind, beyond the firewood.

Also, if you have a fireplace in your home, you need to check the ventilation conditions in order to avoid the accumulation of carbon monoxide and the materials from which they are made

Another precaution that we must take into account is a firewall. We should keep away those objects that can catch fire easily and, on the contrary, use iron objects, heat-resistant paints or sand, in the case of having to turn off the fireplace quickly.

How to eliminate the smell of a fireplace?

Although a fireplace can be very relaxing, it can also be very stressful if the whole house – sofas, curtains, furniture, and even clothes – smells of smoke. How can we neutralize it? There are some tricks such as placing activated carbon in a container with water, pouring a little come out when you light the fireplace, distribute several containers with white vinegar around the house or sprinkle baking soda on the furniture and clean them the next morning, among others.