How to leave your cat alone at home avoiding mishaps

Cats have a deserved reputation for being independent animals so, in most cases, there is no problem in leaving them for a few hours, or even a couple of days, alone at home. The Illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Valencia (ICOVV) remember that a cat needs little to feel comfortable in that home, which it considers its territory. It does not require walks several times a day, it is an extremely clean animal and leaving it alone for one morning or one afternoon does not entail any complications, since probably enjoy that quiet time without “humans”. This does not mean that you can go quietly for a week on vacation and leave it alone and locked up, because a domestic cat is a companion animal and nobody (not even the cat) likes to feel abandoned.

Precautions to leave your feline pet alone

Common sense indicates that leaving a kitten for a few weeks alone for too long is quite risky. The puppies have not had time to get to know their environment well, they are still somewhat clumsy, they want to play and “explore” every corner, so ending up “messing it up” is quite likely.

Another very different situation is that you have an adult cat, perfectly integrated into the house and family customs, and you need to leave it for only a couple of days. In this case, taking a few simple precautions, it is normal for everything to go smoothly. Some important tips, given by veterinarians, in order to safely leave the cat alone They are:

  • The most important thing for your survival is that you do not lack clean and fresh water. Check his drinking fountain before you leave and as a precaution, put one more, in case the first one accidentally capsizes or takes longer than expected to return. Their food is also something basic. In these cases, a food dispenser, which the animal can access when hungry is a good idea.
  • Remember that cats are very careful with their hygiene. Your sandbox must be in perfect condition and, if you have a second reserve, put it after the one you usually use. If the sandbox is dirty, he will not use it and on your return you can find “everything”.
  • Make a general review of the house to check that the doors and windows are properly closed and that there are no possible “Dangerous hiding places” in which it could remain locked (cabinets, drawers, electrical appliances …). Leave some of her favorite toys so you can entertain yourself (better that than the sofa).
  • If you go more than two or three days, you can ask someone to stop by your house to check that everything is in order and to avoid feeling of excessive loneliness your pet. If it is not possible, and you have to be absent longer, animal residences are an option that you should consider.