How to know who is calling you with an unknown number

Many people regularly receive hidden calls or calls from unknown numbers, an anonymity that causes rejection and mistrust of users and that prevents the one on the other end of the phone from answering. Usually it is about unwanted advertising or people not very close that you do not have included in your phone book, that’s why it is almost impossible to know your identity before to answer. At least until now.

Thanks to the new technologies, the most cautious will be able to avoid this situation once and for all. How? Through mobile applications specially designed to show who is behind that hidden number. They do reviewing and analyzing databases at breakneck speed, both public and private, which include names and phone numbers. What are the most famous applications in this field?

Receiving an unknown call

3,000 million phone numbers at your disposal

The first option, and the one preferred by millions of users, is Truecaller. With a very complete database and a very simple way of use, this application not only identify hidden numbersAlso those that are not part of your agenda or come from companies with open numbers. It also allows you block your calls, if at any point they become too insistent, and unwanted SMS.

To activate your service, you just have to register, include your phone number and read all the information provided by the application about its functions. Since then, Truecaller will be operational at all times in the background. Every time someone unknown calls you, the app will identify who it is without having to open it first. Once the call is finished, it will also allow you to return it, save the number in the phonebook or, conversely, block it so that it will never bother you again.

If you still don’t trust its effects, you can make a test call. Enough with delete one of your contacts from the agenda and ask him to call you. In this way, you will discover its usefulness first-hand.

A complete profile of the unknown contact

However, Truecaller is not the only alternative available. CallApp offers very similar features, but its Premium version further refine the profile of the person or entity on the other end of the phone. And it is that said app includes a automatic recorder, blocks the entry of said contact to instant messaging applications and even shows you your photo, your birthday, your email or the social networks you control.