How to know if the fish you buy is fresh

One of the most frequent questions that the consumer raises when they go to a fishmonger is how to detect whether the fish is fresh or not. This is tastier than frozen, but in order for it to arrive in adequate conditions at the establishments from its capture, a series of measures must be taken to maintain its freshness qualities.

What to look out for

To know if this is the case, we have to look at different parts of the fish. In the case of the gills, that is, the respiratory organs, they have to present a deep or deep red color. If it is faint or discolored, it is because it is not so fresh; except for hake, which is pinkish red. The fishmonger can show you if you request it, as indicated by the Organization of consumers and users (@consumers).

On the other hand, lthe skin must be clean and shiny. Look at the different fish that are available and if there are differences in brightness, it is that some are cooler than others.

The eyes must be protruding, but they also have to be shiny, with a defined color, so that they stand out. The pupil must be black and the lens must be transparent. If they are sunken or swollen, then we should doubt their freshness. Their shape is generally convex, although in some cases they are flat.

The texture of a fresh fish is stiff, that is, it has to be stiff. The softer it is, that is, if when you touch it, a crack remains, then it does not meet the appropriate properties.

Similarly, the part that covers the gut it must be intact and bright.


Another aspect that you can look at is the conditions of the fishmonger itself. Ice must be present throughout the exhibition of products, as the fish is preserved on it or wrapped in it.

The fishes they must be well placed, without crowds or much quantity in the exhibitors. Surely, when you have gone to buy fresh fish, you will have noticed that they are located in boxes and that the tables are tilted. This is the correct thing to do, because that is how fluids are evacuated.

Finally, it is not recommended that there be heat sources about gender through spotlights, nor should it be water or spray them with wateras this can be a way to mask freshness.