How to keep your towels soft and fluffy

One of the greatest pleasures is to brand new a towel and enjoy its soft and soft touch. The problem is that with washing it loses that texture that we like so much, many times because the towel does not have the necessary weight to maintain it and it becomes thin and rough to the touch, others because we do not follow the recommendations of the experts. Let’s see what they are.

High-end towels start at 500 grams per square meter of fabric. The problem is that we often buy thinner towels. The most important. before buying a towel, it is touch it to make sure we like its touch: the type of cotton and the type of terry matter.

We must wash the towels every week, and if we notice that they remain damp with the passage of hours after using them with more reason, so that they do not accumulate bacteria. If the towels no longer dry us, it is because have lost their absorption capacity of the water.

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During washing and drying

When towels become stiff it is because they begin to accumulate soap residue. To avoid it, we must put less amount of detergent in the washing machine. Likewise, the hotter water better absorbs detergent, so it is advisable to use high temperature programs. We can also let the soap dissolve in the washing machine before adding the towels, for this once the wash cycle begins, we wait one or two minutes before adding the towels.

A common mistake is the use of fabric softeners. Softeners contain silicones that make towels water repellent. Instead, we can soften the towels by adding a cup of White vinegar to the washing machine, approximately every six weeks; This will remove the soap residue that makes the towels rough, and will restore their full absorbency.

If, in addition, we mix half a cup of baking soda With the detergent, we will be able to eliminate the musty odors that may have accumulated, for example, if we have left the wet towels in the sports bag or in a pile of clothes. Put in some unused tennis balls or tumble dryer balls it also helps soften and fluff towels.

Likewise, putting too many clothes in the washing machine in the same wash cycle is counterproductive because we do not enough space to clean the tissues. The same goes for the dryer; If we overload it, there won’t be enough air in the dryer to properly fluff the fabrics.

Although using the dryer is the best way to get soft towels, the heat from the dryer can damage the integrity of the cotton. To avoid this, we can partially air dry the towels and then finish them in the dryer.

Obviously, as much as we take care of our towels, it will be time to change them for new ones, then we must take them to a clothing recycling point such as the orange containers of Steal Friend in Barcelona or the containers of Caritas in Madrid.