How to keep your taps in perfect condition

That leaky faucet; that tap with a trickle of water; that tap that comes out as a sprinkler; that tap with dirty joints … that tap, oh that tap!

Take good note because today we present you some solutions to these problems that they are much simpler than you thought and that they can be a good savingBoth from the water that is sometimes wasted, and from having to call a professional for these minor breakdowns.

The first thing to look at when a tap leaks is to rule out that it is due to something important such as a broken pipe, in which case the signs are usually greater than that leak and it is necessary to call a professional. If this is not the case, then the problem isIt is usually that the faucet shoes or slippers are worn and changing them is very simple.

Anti-drip steps

  • Turn off the water to avoid surprises in the form of a jet of water.
  • Put the battery cap on so that no parts are lost.
  • Unscrew the top of the tap.
  • Once open, unscrew the inner nut to be able to change the old shoe.
  • Then reassemble everything

See in this video what each of the pieces are like and also know other easy solutions for your taps.

Tricks for your taps

Regularly monitoring small leaks or leaks or that they do not drip or remain poorly closed guarantees a tap in good use and removes possible major problems, but if, in addition, the we keep them clean we increase their conservation.

One of the most common problems is limescale from the water that gets embedded in the faucet, thus causing it to dull and stubborn stains appear. We advise you to try wrapping the tap with a cloth soaked in water with vinegar essence and let it act for about 12 hours. Then rinse it off and dry it with a chamois. The lime has disappeared.

If you also want your stainless steel taps to shine as if they were new, clean them with a few drops of burning alcohol and polish them with a cloth.

To finish this review of our taps we share a couple of tricks what have we learned:

  • SOS my tap is leaking and I can’t fix it: if our anti-drip formula didn’t work for you and you have to call a plumber, don’t put up with that constant dripping that tests your nerves anymore: tie a thread to the tap so that the drop slides down it and does not make noise.
  • I’m leaving my second home and… your taps are going to be unused for a long time. Take a cotton ball and smear them with a little petroleum jelly. This way you prevent them from rusting. Then you just have to clean them when you come back before using them.

Taps in perfect state of revision.

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