How to iron a shirt so that it is flawless

Ironing can be one of the most difficult tasks in the home and, if we talk about shirts, it can become a science only available to a few. However, we are going to give you some tips so that you can get along with the iron when you have a shirt in front of you and it looks like it has just come out of a dry cleaner.

The first thing to check is that the shirt can be ironed, since there are some fabrics that are not recommended to expose to high temperatures.

In the case of shirts, it is important to take a few steps.


We will start first with the neck. It is the first part of the shirt that we must iron. To do this, start by ironing the inside. Next, we will fold it along the natural fold and iron the outside, especially along the fold.


To iron the cuffs correctly, it is important that the buttons are open. Next, we will spread it on the board and previously iron the interior. We will turn it over and iron the outside of the cuff.

Can you iron shirts correctly?  photo: bigstock


Insert your shoulder into the end of the board to take advantage of its rounded shape and iron that area of ​​the shirt or in the direction of the sleeve.


At this point it is important to make one aspect clear: they should always go without a line. They certainly look better.

For the sleeve we will take the inner seam to mark the fold and iron on one side and the other, regardless of the main line that is remaining. Next comes the tricky part. We will take the shirt by the shoulder and the cuff and gently, we will drop it on the ironing board, leaving just the seam at the bottom and in the center. If we do it gently, the sleeve will fit naturally and will be easier. At that time, we can now iron to remove the main line that had previously been marked on us. Of course, be careful not to press too hard so that no stripes appear on the sides. Since the sleeve is already ironed and it is only a matter of removing that main line, we must do it carefully.

Eyelet placket and main body

This part is the simplest. For the part of the buttons, we will insert the peak of the iron carefully between each of the buttons so as not to burn the buttons and leave that central part of the shirt well ironed.

Finally, we will iron the main body and the part of the back using the table.