How to install the digital signature on the mobile phone

Although the digital certificate is usually installed on the computer the first time we have it, we must know that there is the possibility to have it on the mobile or our tablet. Once we have downloaded it to the PC or laptop, it can be transferred to these devices without any problem. This, in fact, will be very useful to us, since many times we operate with one of them when we are not at home or if we go on a trip The fact of having it in other devices can also help us at a specific moment if we have to use it and our computer is not at hand, which will most likely be.

Locate it

Through the following indications you will see how simple it is have the digital signature both on your phone or tablet Android. The first thing you will have to do is look in the browser where you have the certificate installed. This is usually located through the Tools section, as happens for example in Mozilla Firefox, and then you will have to go to Options and look in Security and Privacy for the Certificates option. This may vary slightly depending on the browser you have.

Once inside you must choose the certificate you want to export to other devices and then you will click on Make a copy. The first thing that will appear is the place inside the computer where you are going to save the certificate file. You choose the folder where to locate it, which can be on your own mobile or tablet directly and then you do not have to use other methods to export it. Immediately after you will see that asks you for a password.

Yes, this refers to the one that has been provided to you from the agency where you requested it to be able to have it on your computer. Therefore, it is important that you keep it always, not only to do this operation but in case anything or failure occurs that causes the certificate to be uninstalled and you have to reinstall it.

How we obtain a digital certificate from the computer

Save the file

Once this first step is done and if you have decided to save the file on your computer, which usually has the extension .PFX or .P12, you will see that a document has been generated that has the icon of an envelope and a key. This is the file that you should locate on your other device. To do this, you must connect it to the pc and transfer it to it. You can do it too from Google Drive, via Bluetooh, Dropbox or email. All the options are good and you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you. In fact, you can send it to yourself by WeTransafer if this is easier for you.

The fact is that once you have it regardless of the way you have decided to install it, when you open it either on your phone or tablet, it will ask you for the password again. This requirement is essential if you are going to want to install it on these media, otherwise it will be impossible for you to do so. You will open it, therefore, from the android file explorer and doing so will open its certificate installer.

If for some reason you cannot download it in this way, you must go to Settings, Advanced Settings, Security and in the Credential Storage section, choose Install from SD Card.

The National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT @fnmt_rcm) has its own application, so if you have it installed and you requested it through this body, which on the other hand, it must be clarified that it is the one most often used in these cases, you should let download it from your own app once you have it installed in the appropriate device.

The point is that if you finally have to do it manually, you will have to follow the indicated steps. You must also bear in mind that whenever you install your digital certificate in any other device, in addition to following the steps indicated, It will ask you for the relevant password to be able to install it. With this it is with which you will be able to carry out the different actions in this sense. For this reason, it is recommended that when we request our signature and receive the pertinent keys, we always keep them in a safe place as they are the ones that we will always have to use.

What should I do if I have problems with the digital certificate

Same use as on PC

Once all these details have been assimilated, and we have already installed this authorization on our mobile we can use it in the same way as we do on the computer. Thus, if we wish to make an inquiry regarding our pension at the Social Security electronic office and we wish to do so over the phone while we are waiting for the bus, for example, we will be able to carry out this action without any problem.

And the same will happen with any other questions that we want to carry out in other official bodies and that also require this requirement, such as the Tax Agency website (@Agen_Tributaria).

What is recommended is that if we have this digital document installed on the mobile we protect it with an access password to avoid that in the event of a possible theft or loss, the offender can access our tax or other data through the certificate.