How to install Google Chrome applications?

The Google Chrome web browser (@Google Chrome) allows you to install a series of applications with various utilities. These provide varied functions or can focus on a single task, from editing photos to making an online purchase or just hanging out playing. To be able to incorporate them we have to access the Chrome web store page, which is where they are. From this place you can control the ones you want to add and remove them when you deem it appropriate if they are no longer interested.

First step

First you have to enter the browser and once inside, you will see that Applications appear at the top right. When you press a series of icons will appear. The first of them corresponds to Chrome web store, which is the one you have to click on.

Once you are inside the Chrome web store, you will have what to look for the application you are interested in. You will see that on the left side of the screen there is an elongated window where it first appears the word Extensions, followed by Topics, and then Categories. The latter refer to the themes that exist:

  • Accessibility.
  • Blog.
  • Purchases.
  • Of Google.
  • Sports.
  • Fun.
  • Photos.
  • Search Tools.
  • Developer tools.
  • News and weather.
  • Productivity.
  • Social and communication.

Also, you can choose between different functions: Works offline, From Google, Free, Available for Android and Works with Google Drive.

All these options are what help you to do a more precise search for the extension that may interest you. If only the free ones attract you, you will have check the corresponding box in Functions, that is, «Free», and if you also want them to be Shopping, you must choose this category.

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Then you will see that a whole series of applications appear on the screen that respect your search criteria. If you click on a specific one, you will go to a screen with a general description in which it is indicated if it is compatible with your device and a link to the Privacy Policy. You can also read reviews with opinions of other users, access a Help tab and another with Related, where you will see options for other similar extensions or similar functions.

If you agree with everything you have to click on Add to Google Chrome. In the case that it is a payment, you must click on Buy. Then it will appear a window with a series of warnings depending on what is considered of interest before you accept. If you agree with everything you have to press about Add Extension.

It will immediately take you to the Gmail account that you will have to have previously created. You must enter it with the name of the email and the password. It will ask you to activate the synchronization if it is the first time you do it, if not directly it will install the application for you. You will see that there is an icon of the new extension in the upper right and if you click on it it will open.

If you suddenly regret it or you no longer want to have it, you have to put the mouse over it and click on the right side and give the Uninstall option, and immediately a window will appear in which you will be asked if you want to delete it, and to do so you will simply click on Remove and it will no longer be available.

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From the phone

You can do this operation remotely from your mobile as well and at the same time incorporate them into your computer. To do this you have to open the browser and, once open, search again for the app you want to install. You give to Add to Desktop. When you are in front of the computer again, you will see a window appear informing you that an application has been installed remotely. It is possible that they will tell you the permissions you need and to finish the process properly you have to click on Enable Application.

At the same time it is necessary to know that some of these applications can only be used on Chromebooks, that is, on computers that have the operating system Chrome OS, created specifically by Google. They are designed to always be used with an internet connection, since they are based on the cloud. This means that you will not be able to use them with other operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux.

The extensions that there are are very varied, we can find some that are very practical, that can help us to process images, improve navigation security, save documents or play and entertain ourselves. The possibilities are endless, now the ideal is not to saturate the browser and have the ones that are really going to be useful to us, especially if they are paid.

In the same way, we must be careful with the privacy of each of them and what accesses we are giving them, therefore it is important to read the conditions well before taking the step. However, as we have already seen, if at a specific moment we need to install one, we can do it and then remove it in a very simple way.