How to install a ‘home cinema’ equipment at home (and without complicating yourself too much)

A huge screen, good image quality and surround sound that make you become one of the protagonists of the film. That is what many people look for when they go to the movies, but now you can have these same sensations without leaving your living room. And all with the installation of a system of home cinema, whose player and speakers they will make you enjoy an authentic cinematic experience.

Cinema in your own home: how to install it

Systems home cinema The most common have six speakers that bring different sound ranges outside, so that the projection you are seeing on television is more realistic. Therefore, when you buy this device, check that it includes a center speaker, two front speakers, another pair of devices called surround (or surround sound) and a special one or subwoofer, what emits that sound signal to the entire room where it is located. Speakers that will be connected to an audio player so that the quality is even higher.

Once you have removed all the items from the box and check that they do not have any defects, place them in such a way that the sound spreads throughout the room. Typically, the center speaker is facing the sofa and the front speakers are on either side of the television and facing the seat.

How to install a team

Precisely, the speakers should be located next to the sofa surround, left and right. Meanwhile he subwoofer can be installed wherever you want, but avoiding the nooks and corners of the room and preferably at ground level.

As for their height, if you have bought them to improve the sound that comes out of your television, it is best that you locate them to a height similar to your head when you are sitting on the sofa, this way you will avoid unpleasant effects, such as echo. But if they are to listen to music, it is best to place the speakers higher so that the sound disperses better.

When you have designed all the space, it is time to connect these next-generation devices. To do this, you can do it with a wireless system or attached to the sound receiver. Then, test it by connecting the sound apparatus to the TV that will reproduce the image to verify that nothing is wrong and that it is heard perfectly.

In this last step, remember that you have to configure the audio, in such a way that the sound comes out of your new speakers of home cinema and not for the television as before.