How to have a little chill out on your terrace?

With the arrival of high temperatures, any outdoor space, no matter how small, is a treasure. Balconies, porches or terraces become places where you want to be and enjoy a reading time, a chat with friends or a dinner looking at the stars and, hopefully, a fleeting Perseid. Nevertheless, if your terrace is a little soulless, remember that it is not a matter of size and that, with a few simple changes, you can make the most of it longer than you think.

Lighting, vertical gardens or a recycled sofa …

It is not complicated nor does it represent a large economic investment Take advantage of the square meters that you have available outside your home. As a first piece of advice: do not turn them into a makeshift “storage room”, it is a shame not to take advantage of this valuable space. The key elements To transform your terrace or balcony into a “secret” place, where you can share good times, they are:

Chill out terrace
  • Seating. The fair ones, but very comfortable. That is the maxim by which you should be guided. Please note that this is a relaxation area, in which comfort must prevail over design. A lounger, a soft sofa, a rocking chair (if you have space), a nice bench made with recycled pallets … You choose, but if you want your chill out to be a success, comfortable seats are the first thing you need. To gaze at the night sky, you need little else.
  • flowers and plants. In these spaces, not even the most precious design object surpasses its charm. A natural touch in the form of some pretty flower boxes overflowing with flowers, a pot with a strategically placed plant or a “home” vertical garden, which fills an entire wall, are small details that bring freshness to any space and invite a relaxed conversation.
  • Furniture. In general, the secret is not to recharge. A low table, combined if you want with a high one, to enjoy some lunch or dinner is more than enough. Choose natural materials: wood, bamboo, rattan … These are always more comfortable and welcoming.
  • illumination. Getting it right when choosing and distributing it is essential to achieve the environment you want in this unique space. Test to to combine cold and warm lights to differentiate areas and do not forget that one scented candle it is the ideal complement to any dinner against the backdrop of a splendid summer night.