How to hang objects on the wall without making holes

Some time ago hang a picture on the wall without making a hole peeling it was unthinkable. To date, much progress has already been made in this regard and we can find various items that allow us to decorate our walls with a few advantages: not having to make noise, not having to resort to an uncomfortable drill, and that we do not always know how to use, and not crack them.

Double velcro straps

These strips they have velcro on both sides, so that they stick both to the wall and to the object in question that we want to hang. Its use does not have any complications, the only drawback is that if the frame is a bit heavy, they will not hold it well, so perhaps you must use several strips and place them on all margins. Some are designed specifically to be placed in the corners of the same.

Special pasta

These types of pasta are mounting adhesives often sold in tubes, and that are also used to assemble furniture. They are like a kind of putty that can be invisible or colored. There are them of different categories. Depending on what we are going to hang we can find ultra-strong options. Represent an interesting alternative to put posters, as long as they are light because we have to take into account that they adhere to the paper, so that if we later want to recover it in its entirety, the paste can remain stuck.

Hangers with adhesive

Hooks with adhesives can be found of many types and materials, so when deciding on one we will have to assess if we are going to hang something of blunt weight or something lighter like a kitchen towel. The type of wall is also important, again on the tiles they work better.

Chains with hooks

These can be used taking advantage of beams or projections that are in the wall. For this we will need two S hooks and a chain. Each hook must be placed at the ends of the chain, so that the top one is inserted into the beam and the bottom one hooks to the spike that we should have placed in the center of the frame. Hanging several in this way creates an original decorative effect on the wall.