How to get rid of annoying ants at home?

When a annoying ants infestation has crept into the house, getting rid of them is not an entirely simple task. And it is that, when one already thinks that they have disappeared, after a few weeks or months they can appear again. That is why we give you a series of tips to end them forever. From a fumigation done by professionals to natural and home remedies that we can all carry out.

If our house has a garden, it is easy for these insects to suddenly sneak into some corner of the house. However, it is not an exclusive condition to have a nearby green area for there to be a plague of ants. These they are looking for a comfortable space with food – leftover breadcrumbs, for example – to survive. And our house is the best of places.

Prevent the appearance of ants

But before they appear, it is best to prevent them from roaming around our kitchen. Thus, the most important thing is to be scrupulous in cleaning our home to avoid finding food remains on the floor. Also watch if there are cracks in the walls or joints in the kitchen and bathroom. They are ideal places for ants to multiply.

If this has not worked and we see that there are ants, we can have two options to kill them. On the one hand, consult an expert to do a professional fumigation; and on the other, resorting to homemade methods that are very effective. Thus, if you have located an anthill at home, put some coffee beans next to it. Its strong smell will make them run away.

Coffee beans to kill ants (Bigstock)

The lemon juice is another scent They can’t stand this type of insects, so squeeze a couple of lemons, put it in a spray bottle and spray the crack where the ants appear. This way they won’t come back. Do the same by spreading cinnamon oil or traces of chalk in those same holes.

With everything, if we have the problem in the garden, it is best to boil water with bicarbonate and pour it on the anthill. Let’s not hesitate to repeat this operation a couple of times until there is no trace of the annoying ants.