How to eliminate the smell of tobacco inside the car

Very few smokers can take a road trip without putting a cigarette to your lips. Some wait for the stop at the gas station to calm their desire, while others choose to do it inside the vehicle, sometimes disturbing other passengers and creating an environment that can be very unpleasant. And it is that the smell of tobacco remains impregnated in the upholstery of the car, causing said aroma becomes imperishable, unfortunately for those who do not tolerate it. Without forgetting the remains that can be forgotten in the ashtray.

The only option to get rid of it is thoroughly clean the car, travel with the windows down or install an air freshener, which only hides the bad smell.

However, if you suffer from this problem and are tired of resorting to the same alternatives, there are also some tricks or home remedies that can help you eliminate that “pestilence”, although the best solution is not to smoke inside your vehicle. Take note and get to work!

How to eliminate the smell of tobacco inside the car

Ending the smell of tobacco from your car is very simple

As we have seen previously, one of the first measures is not to let the used cigarette butts accumulate in the ashtray. And not only that, you must clean it regularly with soap and water to remove the ash residue that causes that smell. But what other options are there?

  • It may seem strange, but if you leave several container full of coffee beans inside the car throughout the night, the stench of tobacco can disappear. And it is that said ingredient has the power to absorb odors that is around him.
  • As always, the sodium bicarbonate It can save you this time, due to its deodorant and antibacterial properties. Like coffee, distribute it with several open cans throughout the vehicle and let it act overnight.
  • Following the same modus operandi, ammonia it can also be a great ally.
  • A very common trick is fill the ashtray with cat or beach sand so that, when putting out the cigarette, the bad smell does not remain.
  • The citrus peels they are one of the best natural air fresheners. Therefore, prepare small bags with the fruit remains and hang them around the car to always enjoy that freshness.