How to eliminate, once and for all, the bad smell of the toilet

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that more hygiene requires, due to the germs and bacteria that reside in it. Inside, the toilet monopolizes a large part of the prominence, by accumulating more dirt than the rest of the appliances. In this sense, the bad smell that it sometimes gives off is one of the most frequent problems in cleaning the home, which also has its origin in multiple causes.

The repeated use of the toilet It is not the only reason for this unpleasant aroma, it can also be caused by build-up of mold or deposits under the accessories it includes, such as the lid or the seat of the cup, which we often overlook in cleaning. It can also be the result of presence of algae in the cistern or by a gas leak from the drain.

Faced with this wide range of situations, the first thing is identify the source of the bad smell in order to act accordingly. However, you can also resort to some home remedies to remove the stench from your bathroom, at least until you solve the root problem.

How to remove a bad smell from the toilet

For a fresh and sparkling toilet

In addition to resorting to products specifically designed for this purpose And that you can find in the supermarket, surely at home you have a multitude of ingredients that can fulfill this task in a 100% natural way and with the same results.

To obtain the desired mixture you only need baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice, and do not forget a clean and damp cloth to remove the product later. First, combine the bicarbonate and lemon juice in a container and stir until creating a thick mass. Then smear it on the bottom of the toilet, the bottom of the lid, and any other areas that you think need cleaning.

Let it sit for a few 15-20 minutes, until the paste is completely dry, so that its disinfectant and antibacterial properties take effect. Then, drizzle that paste with white vinegar and let it take effect, you will notice when it starts to bubble. Once this effect is finished, remove everything with the damp cloth.

To complement this trick, you can also fill a vinegar or vodka spray and spray it inside the toilet, or create a homemade air freshener with cleaning alcohol, a few essential oil drops and some water. Try all these methods and choose the one that best suits you.