How to eat with chopsticks and not die trying

China, Japan, Korea … These are some of the countries where food is taken from plate to mouth using chopsticks. They are a very simple utensil, generally made of bamboo wood, and it is said that the recipes of oriental gastronomy they know better if they are used instead of the cutlery we are used to. If the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant you want to eat with chopsticks, you just have to learn to catch them correctly and practice a bit so you don’t miss a single bite. How can you do it?

How to place chopsticks to be able to eat

It’s a bit tricky at first, but if you can hold the chopsticks properly, the rest will come out almost effortlessly. A bad position is the big mistake that inexperienced diners usually commit. Fortunately, there are different ways to place the chopsticks in your hand, but the simplest is the following:

Eating with chopsticks
  • The first toothpick must be supported at the base of the index finger, allowing the area closest to the tip to rest between the tip of this same finger and that of the heart. The second toothpick is placed below, just at the angle it makes the separation between the thumb and forefinger, making it rest on the ring finger.
  • Ideally, hold the chopsticks so that your fingers are at least at a third of the distance from the tip. Although there are people who prefer to put them more or less close because they find it more comfortable.
  • When doing the first tests, you should try move only the toothpick that is located on the outside of the hand. The bottom one, in principle, does not have to move and it is important to remember that it will be the ring finger that is in charge of holding both chopsticks. separated and in parallel, since the tips should never cross.
  • In addition to its correct use, it is convenient to know the basic rules implied by the protocol at the table according to oriental customs. For example, chopsticks are never put directly into the mouth. They serve to carry food and deposit it in it, but without touching the lips. And, of course, it is rude to bite or suck on them. It is appropriate to always leave them on the footrest when they are not being used.

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