How to dry flowers correctly to be able to preserve them

If any of your children has recently married and has given you the bride’s bouquet as a souvenir of that special day, it is necessary that you dry the flowers so that are kept in perfect condition for as long as possible. The same happens if they surprise you with a rose, which you can use as decorative element or beautiful page separator.

Although it may seem a long and complicated process, the truth is that anyone can dry their flowers to make them immortal. In fact, there are several techniques with very similar results. Which ones can you turn to to keep that memory forever?


It is the oldest method of all, ideal for those who are going to use the result as a stationery tool or decorative element within a frame. Of course, this technique is more effective with small flat flowers.

  1. Place the flowers on newspaper, with a leaf above. Then do the same with blotting paper and finally with paperboard.
  2. Seal the whole with zeal at the ends and insert it in a large book. Also, you should put weight on it so that the pressure is much higher.
  3. Let the flowers rest for one week, after which you must replace layers of newspaper and blotting paper for new ones. You will also have to put it back inside the selected book.
  4. Wait at least two weeks before definitively removing the weight and the papers that wrap the dried flowers.
How to dry flowers

In the air

You can also choose to let the flowers air dry on their own, which will allow you conserve volume from the same. The long-stemmed or large-sized flowers they are the most suitable for this process.

  1. In this case, you just have to create a bouquet with a string of pita rope, which you will have to adjust as the flowers lose water.
  2. Place the corsage face down in a hot, dry, dark place of the house. Of course, you must also have good ventilation so that they dry properly.
  3. Leave them like this between two and four weeks, until they have a crisp texture. Also, if you want to ensure its preservation, you can put some hairspray on them.

In the microwave

Yes, oddly enough, you can also dry flowers in the microwave, a technique that has gained popularity in recent years due to its speed and surprising effectiveness, especially with flowers and plants with many petals. However, unlike the rest, this time you will need an additional ingredient: silica sand.

  1. Cut the flower stems to a maximum of five centimeters below the cocoon.
  2. Next, in a microwave-safe container, place a good silica sand base and, above it, the cocoons looking up.
  3. Cover them with a little more silica sand and put them in the microwave between two and four minutes. As each appliance is different, it is best to do some tests first to find out the correct power and avoid burning.
  4. After this process, take them out of the microwave and let them sit for 24 hours. Afterwards, you can manipulate them and remove the remaining sand with a brush.