How to dry clothes without smelling musty?

Don’t have a dryer and it’s raining? You will have to hang the clothes inside the house. You have surely found yourself in this situation more than once. If you want to dry clothes effectively without the house getting wet, We recommend that you follow these practical tips.

Drying clothes at home can lead to Bad smell in the presses themselves as condensation in the home, causing humidity and mold that can affect our health, since an environment that is too humid favors the appearance of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Our first tip: open the windows. Once you do this, here are some other tips:

  1. Clothes line: preferably use a clothesline to hang indoors. Place it in a warm area of ​​the house but with ventilation. In addition, for faster drying, organize the clothes by size and try to leave space between the clothes so that they are well separated and the air circulates around them without taking on a musty smell. Preferably look for spaces where there are more hours of sun.
  2. Avoid radiators: They produce a lot of condensation and also the clothes will be stiff.
  3. Drain the clothes well: Remove all excess water, as if you spread it with a lot of water it will dry slowly and smell musty. For thicker fabrics you can use a towel as they absorb more water.
  4. Dehumidifier: You can use one of these devices to absorb humidity from the environment during drying. It can be a great ally for houses or cold areas.

Other tricks to dry clothes successfully

To avoid wrinkles, we advise you to shake the clothes well before hanging them indoors, since they are not in contact with the air and in movement, they can wrinkle more. If you place them correctly, you will save ironing time.

In the case of jackets, shirts or dresses, we recommend that you store them on hangers directly and if it is in the bathroom, the better, since the humidity generated while we shower will help them to dry without wrinkles.

Regarding wool clothing, if you don’t want to have a sweater three sizes larger when you pick it up from the clothesline, our advice is to store it horizontally. In addition, these types of garments usually take a long time to dry, so we advise you to turn on a fan next to them to prevent them from smelling musty.