How to do spring cleaning in your home

When spring comes around it is a fantastic opportunity to make a general and thorough cleaning of our home. It is the moment to take advantage and prepare the house for this new and sunny season. So go saving everything that reminds you of cold winter and follow these simple tricks for your home that we present to you.

Open the windows to spring and renew the air

Clean and renewed air. After the winter in which the house has been closed so that we do not suffer the rigors of the season, It’s time to open it and let it be filled with spring, with light and colored. Thus, it is best to open the windows wide and let all the rooms capture this new season and renew the air and the atmosphere. Also take the opportunity to review windows, moldings, frames, windows, railings and everything that has been accumulating dirt in recent weeks.

Ventilate your house with spring (bigstock)

As part of this renovation of the environment, it is time to clean mattresses – turn them over so they do not become deformed -, cushion covers, pillows, bedding, rugs, towels, curtains and all kinds of home textiles. Take advantage, not only to clean them and eliminate possible stains they may have, but to make a change in style and give a fresher and spring air to the decoration of your house.

Use softer and brighter colors and bet on fabrics such as linen or cotton. Both these clothes and that of each member of the family must be kept perfectly clean in the closet until next year.

And do not forget to review the upholstery of sofas or other types of furniture covered in fabric. And it ends with a few drops of a new scent that will make your house breathe spring.

Feng shui in your home

If you have time and desire even with this general spring cleaning you can change some furniture and bet on follow feng shui precepts in home decoration. Some of its maxims are:

  • All ordered so that energy flow freely.
  • Natural light and the use of wooden furniture.
  • Introduce the water element in your house in the form of a small fountain, for example.
  • Candles to ward off a negative environment.