How to disconnect our mind to be able to sleep

The process of sleeping requires that our body and mind are relaxed and without any type of activity. But more times than perhaps we would like, it is difficult for us to fall into Morpheus’ arms because our mind is free and the moment we put our heads on the pillow or when we wake up in the middle of the night, it decides to turn issues around that worry us or cause us discomfort and nerves, no matter how small. This can happen from time to time, but it is very annoying since it prevents us from getting enough rest and facing the day with enough energy.

And is that When we are in this situation where we toss and turn in bed without being able to relax and with our head focused on negative thoughts, it is normal to end up nervous and even desperate. The dream does not come, time passes, we are overwhelmed by it and thus we enter a dead end where the longed-for dream is increasingly far away.

Let’s see how to curb this situation by following a series of guidelines to disconnect our mind and sleep peacefully.

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Don’t try to sleep

It seems nonsense but many professionals recommend that if we can’t sleep, better stop trying, that is to say, not be obsessed with it because then it is easy to achieve the opposite effect: we insist on sleeping but since we do not get it, we get nervous, we think that the next day we will be fatal and thus more and more nervous and, therefore, further from falling asleep. It is better to think that, although we are not sleeping, we are lying in bed, rested and comfortable and that sleep will come sooner or later.

What’s more, some professionals even recommend in situations of not being able to fall asleep, set the purpose of not falling asleep all night. It is about ‘tricking’ our mind with reverse psychology, that is, getting it to do something by suggesting just the opposite.

Sizing bad thoughts

We can’t sleep because we can’t stop thinking about issues or topics that make us nervous or worry us (and that seem much more terrible in the middle of the night). Well another tip is put these thoughts in order and establish how we will solve them the next morning. It is even advisable to get up and make a list of them. With this we will be able to give a real dimension to the problems and have them in a certain way under control so that they do not interfere with our sleep.

Divert our attention

If the above advice doesn’t work for us, it’s time to force ourselves to think about other things to make our mind relax and forget about problems. One option is to focus on remembering pleasant experiences or thinking about very relaxing situations such as a massage or a hot bath. They also recommend occupying our minds with meaningless lists (see the classic counting sheep), reviewing lyrics of songs that we know each other or mentally making a journey or walk that we take every day. It is about occupying our mind with mechanized thoughts that divert our attention from negative thoughts and help us relax.

Control breathing

Another very important key that facilitates sleep is focus on our breathing and make it deep and calm to help our body relax. There are different techniques to achieve this, such as the 4-7-8 that allows, by mastering it, to fall asleep quickly.

And also

So far we have given advice to apply when we are already in bed and cannot sleep, but there are also a series of guidelines that we can carry out during the day so that when it comes time to get into bed, everything is easier.

For example, avoid doing sports just before sleeping Because the heart rate increases and the body takes time to regain calm (stretching or practices such as yoga are recommended). In addition, they also recommend nor use tablets and mobiles before sleeping because the lighting of these equipment delays the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. And of course we also have to avoid the ingestion of exciting drinks, alcohol or heavy meals shortly before going to bed.

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