How to create a Twitter account step by step

Twitter It is one of the social networks that has grown the most in recent years. Its launch took place in 2007, but it was not until 2011 when in Spain it began to grow noticeably in popularity. This social network is very far in number of users from others such as Facebook (@Facebook) and Instagram (@instagram), but its importance is probably greater, since from it we see daily declarations of political officials, important artists, athletes, businessmen, etc.

East space of microblogging has known how to play a key role in bringing public figures closer to their voters, fans, followers and the general public, which has led to it being almost forced for many personalities to be aware of this platform to communicate from opinions to official statements. But this is a network that works mainly by its thousands of anonymous users, among which can be found from those with professional approaches, such as companies, humorous or simply those who comment on the news. We see step by step how to create an account and some important notes when doing so.

How to create an account

Let’s take a look at the simple steps you need to take to become a member in a few minutes.

Step 1

Sign up: go into and click on the option I want to register. You will have to complete the information in five steps, since it asks you: your name, telephone or e-mail and password of this.

When he asks for your name, it is not your real name, it is the nickname he wants to use. After adding your details and selecting your preferences, they will send you a code so that you can verify that you entered a correct email address or phone number. Y the final step is to create your password. Make sure you remember it and that it is six characters or more.

Why can you be interested in Twitter?

Step 2

Optimize your new account: the platform will ask you to add a profile photo, write a biography and follow other users. These are really important steps, as is the image that you are going to transmit to other people with your tweets.

Find followers, the followers

Before finalizing the process of creating your new profile, it will ask you to follow a minimum number of people. There are millions of users, so it won’t be too difficult to find someone to follow.

From a business perspective, be it business or personal promotion, We recommend that you follow users who can add value or be of interest to your profile. For example, you can choose followers from a specific category or group, so it will be easier to follow users and professionals related to your activity. Science and technology, television and cinema, politics, sports, music or entertainment are some of the interest groups that you can access.

Profile picture

It is not mandatory to add a photo that identifies you, however, it is highly recommended if you want to print a personality point on your profile, whether personal or professional and be more easily recognizable. If you approach it as personal promotion, not including a profile photo can be seen as a sign of lack of transparency or credibility and will make it more difficult to reach your potential followers. The photos must have the size and weight that they indicate.

Twitter down


Your bio is also very important and you should focus on this part. If you want to boost your company, your personal or professional profile, emphasize the value you can offer and what makes you different from others. Don’t forget to enter a URL (website, blog, LinkedIn …) so that your followers and those who access your profile through retweets can easily access your information or that of your company.


After completing all the steps above, you can easily access your created profile and log in whenever you want. As we explained before, to make the most of Twitter you must have followers and follow whoever really interests you. You can synchronize your account with other email accounts or those you have on other social networks. For example, you can link it to your email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, so if any of your contacts use Twitter, they will appear for you to follow.


Now that you are a member, it is time to understand some words and concepts of this social network. If you are one of those who are not yet familiar with its terminology, this short guide to slang and tweet jargon will be very useful:

  • Tweet: is each «message» that we write in this network of microblogging, any text up to 280 characters.
  • Retweet– To share a tweet posted by someone else and display it on your profile. When you retweet, you can share the Tweet or Quote tweet. When you quote a tweet, you can add a comment as an introduction and follow the tweet you quoted.
  • Followers or followers: users who follow you and can see their tweets on your timeline.
  • Hashtag: What is a hashtag? A word or string of words without spaces preceded by the # symbol that is used to identify specific topics. The more interactions received, the greater the chances of gaining visibility. For example, if HBO airs the latest episode of Silicon Valley at the time, you are likely to encounter the hashtag #SiliconValley.
Twitter on different devices
  • Trending theme or TT: refers to those topics that receive more comments and attention than others in the social network in a specific period of time. Something can be trending for just a few days, hours, and even minutes. A TT can be generated in a specific country or globally.
  • Stop following or unfollow: when a user decides to stop following someone in particular.
  • Verified account: it is identified with a blue badge and indicates that a profile of a company or person, usually with a public profile such as athletes, politicians, singers, actors, etc … is authentic.