How to create a playlist on Spotify?

Spotify (@SpotifySpain) is a platform, which you can download for free, that offers you a extensive catalog of music of all styles and eras. With it it is very easy to have at your disposal a list with the melodies that you want listen every time. The most modern themes are imposed, but Spotify is also an effective tool to find, and be able to listen whenever you want, that special song that you have been looking for so long.

How does Spotify work?

As we have just seen, it is an application, whose use is absolutely legal, in which they are present from the most powerful record companies, to independent singers who start their musical career. This being a great springboard.

In a simple way, you can make your own play list with the available themes that you choose, which you can play wherever you want or, simply, when you feel like it. Yes indeed, always online. The only way to continue listening to your favorite music without spending your mobile data or being connected to the Internet is to be the owner of a Premium account, which allows you to download the playlist you want to the device on which you have downloaded the application.


Making a playlist is as simple as accessing the platform and sign up at service creating your Login (user and password). Once this is done, you will easily see in the menu the option «New playlist» and, from this point, you just have to use the search engines of the application to find what you want to add to your personal collection.

You can search by styles, by the name of the composer or singer, and by the title of the song. In addition, Spotify also offers you lists already created that can serve as a source of inspiration. When you are in the segment of your interest, you just have to look at the proposed songs and select those that you are interested in including in that unique list that you are preparing.

Among the details that you should take into account, it should be noted that Spotify music is not recording, that is, you cannot have your list on a CD. It is just a way to listen to your favorite songs online. Another point of interest is that, perhaps, do not find the song you are looking for, as some interpreters have resigned to be part of this platform. Also, it is possible that in the list you make advertising is «sneaked in». If you want it not to appear between song and song, the application will require a certain economic amount, corresponding to the Premium account.