How to cook with aluminum foil in a healthy way?

Although it does not have a very good reputation for any of the elements that compose it, aluminum foil can be a very helpful, quick and easy resource to cook some food. Sometimes, the lack of time prevents us from making the dishes that we would like since to prepare them well we must spend several hours. However, with this tool you can get varied and healthy dishes in a short time.

How to place it

Before we get down to work we have to take into account a few notes. Among them in what way we have to place the aluminum foil when cooking. As you know, this one has two different faces, one that shines and the other that is matte. According to the manufacturers both have the same functionSo when it comes to preserving food, placing it on one side or the other is indifferent. However, if we use it for cooking, we must know that the brightest part It is the one that provides more heat, since by this same quality the light reflects more. So this is the one that should cover the food when cooking, and the mate has to be out.

If we have doubts as to whether this could harm our health, today there are various reports made by different bodies, such as the EU Food Safety Agency, which they have denied these fears and that ensure that the use of aluminum foil in the kitchen is not harmful to people’s health.

Fish with foil


Using aluminum foil in the kitchen is advantageous because it will allow us to make succulent dishes preserving the flavor and properties of its ingredients. The technique used is known as paper, and it is one of the culinary methods most appreciated by the aforementioned, in addition to how easy it is to put into practice. The French term paper It means «packaged» and the name of this method is due to the fact that it began in the neighboring country, like many other culinary techniques. It only consists of cooking food in a wrapper, which can be made of different materials, one of them being the one we are dealing with now.

When we wrap food in this way what we do is get preserve their flavor by protecting them from the direct action of heat, and they are also cooked in their own juices. With the aluminum foil used in this way when cooking our dishes in the oven, we will achieve juicy presentations, and we will ensure that the ingredients are not mixed, food residues are generated, as well as odors or flavors that may be unpleasant. . It has the advantage that it is malleable and adapts to different shapes and appearances and is capable of accumulating juices.

In this way we can prepare a wide variety of options such as vegetables, vegetables, fish or even eggs, breads, and some cheeses. Another benefit of using this system is that it is hardly necessary to add oil so that the accumulation of fat is scarce and the sauce itself can be used from what we cook.

Using the times well it is possible that the vegetables are ready Without being subjected to a very high cooking, it causes the loss of its properties, you will also be able to perceive that it practically maintains its original color and its natural flavor. In the same way, the products are prevented from burning and by not being in contact with the outside is easier preserve your vitamins and minerals.


Cooking times

In the paper with aluminum foil or other wrapping, the most important is to control the cooking times especially when we cook complete dishes, such as a fish with its garnish. This, for example, is one of the most easily made. The most suitable options are whole pieces of for example hake or salmon. These usually fish usually need between five and ten minutes to be ready, but if we accompany them with vegetables and we want to bake everything at the same time, we must keep in mind that these take longer to do.

For this reason, it is recommended to poach them or sauté them slightly before putting all the ingredients in the oven. Ideally, cut them in julienne or slices or half moons. Then you can add some olive oil, but in minimal quantity so as not to create too much liquid, wine or if we like a little soy sauce. With aluminum foil, avoid using vinaigrettes or lemon juices, as they can tear it

To wrap fish and vegetables with this material, the ideal is to create a kind of envelope. You must cut a rectangle and place it all at one end and then fold it in such a way that everything is covered. The idea is to leave a top opening, as an envelope, and that the three side edges are well folded so that there are no leaks. For the open part we must introduce the rest of the ingredients and then close it completely. The oven must be at a temperature between 160ºC and 180ºC, and we will have to control the time, but it only takes a few minutes.