How to control your home heating from your mobile

The routine of coming home at the end of the day and adjusting the heating thermostat will soon be history. The latest developments in home automation and technological applications already allow control the temperature of your home from your mobile phone. In this way, a nuisance is alleviated, that of arriving in a cold room, which is especially noticeable when it is a second residence that is visited during the winter months.

Now you can control your heating from your mobile (bigstock)

Thus, thanks to these new devices connected to our smartphone we can control what time we want the heating in our house to turn on, the optimal temperature and even schedule when it will turn off automatically, for example in the middle of the night. Some obvious convenience and comfort advantages, in addition to:

  • Technically, installing this type of device that is controlled from the mobile is not much more complicated than doing it for a conventional device.
  • With this remote control we can save energy and money. No more forgetfulness by leaving the heating on for a whole weekend when we are not at home. In this way, and with these applications, we can control the hours of consumption and the temperature in each case.

Applications to control heating

How do these systems work? It is simply enough to have a remote control on the phone or tablet from where we will control the heating system of our home; In addition, the radiators in our house are connected to these devices through a Wi-Fi network. Important, have a smart thermostat so that these applications can work. Otherwise, the different household appliances and especially the boiler obviously cannot be handled.


When you start using this application, It is recommended to set the temperature more in accordance with each moment and according to the room we prefer. Thus, as we get to know it, the application has the advantage that it offers the user a small guide as an intuitive manual to make a more sustainable use of energy expenditure who has his home. In addition, its technology is such that it detects that there is no one at home and is capable of reducing the temperature a few degrees so as not to waste energy or money.

App Nest (

Loxone Smart Home

This application facilitates, in addition to control heating, the management and programming of other home functions (provided that there are home automation devices). From raising or lowering blinds to controlling the security alarm or lighting. In the section that interests us, with this mobile device you will be able to know how long it takes for a room to reach a comfortable temperature or schedule the heat to start one hour before we get home.

The Loxone Smart Home app (