How to clean the upholstery of the sofa?

The sofa is one of the places in the house that we use the most and probably one of the ones that accumulates the most dirt since we make a lot of life in it and can accumulate dust, food or bacteria, among other remains.

Some models can be removed, others cannot. If that is your case, we are going to try to give you a series of tricks so that you can clean the upholstery of the sofa in a simple way.

You should know that, since it is not removed, you will have to clean it by hand and therefore it can be more tedious.

The first step is to use the Vacuum cleaner. Wipe it all over the upholstery to remove all the dust accumulated on the surface. Remember that the vacuum cleaner has a corner attachment ideal for smaller areas, but if you still can’t reach every corner, use a brush. After vacuuming, you can use a special upholstery brush to thoroughly scrape off all the dirt.

Then a mixture of water and ammonia it can be a good solution for cleaning. Ammonia is a great disinfectant and very effective against stains. To do this, moisten a cloth and rub the entire surface from top to bottom. Another option is to rub with a special upholstery brush, with which stains and dirt will come out better, but as long as the bristles are soft so as not to damage the fabric.

For the toughest stains try sodium percarbonate, a very effective home remedy that our grandmothers have used for years. In addition to this product, there are others that can also help us clean the upholstery:

  • Salt and lemon: Mix salt with a little lemon juice and rub over the stain.
  • Peroxide: It is a great ally to remove sweat and blood stains. Mix it with a little water to avoid damaging the fabrics.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: This remedy consists of sprinkling bicarbonate all over the sofa and after 20 minutes we will remove it with a cloth.
  • Milk: for ink stains you can use this product. Apply and rinse as many times as necessary until the stain disappears.

There are products on the market dry foam to clean upholstery. You will simply have to apply it with a cloth, rinse it after a while and let it dry.

If you have a machine to steam cleaning It is also a good cleaning option, achieving an effective and complete disinfection.

How to clean the upholstery of the sofa?

In the case of a grease or wine stain, it is advisable to remove the stain as soon as possible and prevent it from drying out. To do this, you can help yourself small humid towel, they work miracles.

If your sofa is made of leather, its cleaning is easier. The first thing you will also have to do is remove the dust with the vacuum cleaner. Next, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth to dry the sofa.

In the event that you sofa is drawn We advise you to wash it in the washing machine on a short program and with cold water always and without fabric softener. Don’t use a very strong spin.

Remember that it is advisable to clean the upholstery of the sofa a couple of times a year. If these remedies are not easy for you or you are afraid of damaging the upholstery, you can always call an upholstery cleaning service at home and they will leave it as new, yes, its cost is higher.