How to clean the blinds at home effectively?

Blinds, along with windows, are two of the items in the home that get the most dirty and cost the most to clean. His contact with the outside is what causes dirt accumulates more easily, and that is why it is sometimes laborious to clean it and, above all, to achieve lasting results. However, we can use several tricks so that this process is not so tedious and to make it more effective.

Outside first

If we want to do a deep cleaning and that lasts over time, it is best to start with this task after the winter period. During this time as well as in spring, the rains and bad weather in general will cause them to get more dirty, and if we are in a city the pollution from the heating will contribute to a worsening of their appearance.

The blinds need to be cleaned inside and out. What is advisable is to always start from the outside. This is where the most traces of dust, contamination or water droplets accumulate. If your home is on an upper floor, you don’t need to remove the blind to clean it. You will simply have to open the drum where it is located and rolls up when we pick it up. Through this part we access its outer part, that will have to be unrolled as we clean it.

Then it will suffice with wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt from the sheets, generally PVC, having a good time in every nook and cranny. We can impregnate it with warm soapy water or if we like it more, with glass cleaner. Then you have to pass another dry cloth to remove the humidity and make sure that there is no residual dirt.

We can also use a soft bristle brush with soap and water, starting the process from top to bottom. Next, we must also dry it with a cotton cloth.

The interior drawer where the blind is collected also has to be cleaned as a lot of dust usually accumulates here. In this case, to achieve greater efficiency, vacuuming is recommended.

If we live in a basement we will have it easier, because we will simply have to lower the blind and clean it in the same way that we do it from the inside. Even if it is more comfortable for us and we can, it is possible to use a hose and pour a jet of water into it, after having put some soap on it.

Cleaning blinds


Once we have approached the outside, we have the inside part. First you have to lower the blind and to remove that first initial layer of dust, the ideal is to vacuum. Then the process is the same as on the outside, we can use a damp cloth, hitting the spaces between the grooves well or use a soft bristle brush. Once we have cleaned all the slats well, we will dry them with a dry cloth to remove any traces of moisture. The ideal is always to start at the top and then go down, because in this way all the accumulated dirt is dragged away.

One way to keep the blinds clean inside without having to perform a deep cleaning every so often, is to pass a duster or cloth through them every time you clean the windows. In this way, you prevent dust from accumulating excessively.

Crystal Cleaning

According to the material

Aluminum blinds are best cleaned if we use a cloth impregnated with isopropyl alcohol. This product dries quickly, so there is no need to wipe it dry afterwards.

For those made of PVC, it is recommended use the detergent we use as a dishwasher, but if we want greater results we can use warm water mixed with white cleaning vinegar and add a few drops of dishwasher at the same time. It is advisable that before moistening the blind we have removed the remains of dust or various particles, either by means of a vacuum cleaner, or with a feather duster or similar. Then, as always, the final result will have to be dried and perfected with this process.

When the blinds are made of wood then we will have to resort to specific products to clean this material. Currently, there are articles for this purpose because if we abuse water we can contribute to further deterioration of the wood. Then the procedure is the same. At first, dust particles must be removed and then wipe with a cloth impregnated with the appropriate substance. It is better to do it so that not directly pour this on the surface of the blind. In this way, in addition to being more efficient, we will save the product.

In the case of fabric blinds, you can remove them if they are removable, and directly clean them in depth with a well-wrung sponge that you have previously wet with soap and water. Afterwards, you can remove the moisture with a cloth and hang them until they are completely dry naturally.