How to clean stainless steel appliances and make them like new

Stainless steel is in fashion and there are more and more appliances with this finish in the kitchens of our homes. The qualities of stainless steel, in addition to its aesthetics, are that it is very hygienic and pleasant but also It has its drawbacks: it gets dirty very easily and the fingers are marked as if we were fingerprinted. Therefore, it is good to know how to clean them correctly in a simple way so that they shine like new.

To begin with, a series of precautions must be taken into account when cleaning these types of appliances. For example, We should not use steel sponges or any other type of abrasive cloth, or clean with products that contain chlorine or the like. Also, when cleaning, it is important to move the cloth or sponge in only one direction.

How to clean stainless steel appliances and make them like new

That said, let’s see different ways to clean the exterior of any stainless steel appliance such as an oven, microwave, refrigerator, toaster or dishwasher:


White vinegar is an element that cannot be missing in any home remedy to obtain a complete cleaning. In the case that concerns us with stainless steel appliances, we will have to be careful with the amount of vinegar (do not overdo it). A) Yes, We must mix a part of vinegar with three of water and moisten a clean cloth or rag in this mixture. Next, we rub the surface of the appliances that we want to clean. It is important to wipe a dry cloth to remove any type of marks. And, if any stain resists, we can add a few drops of ammonia in the mixture of water and vinegar. Then it is necessary to rinse with water and dry the surface.


For grease stains, the soap with which we wash dishes can be very useful due to its anti-grease quality. We just have to pour a little of this soap in warm water and rub the stains with a cloth moistened with this mixture and then pass another cloth only wet with water to remove any remaining soap. We end up drying the entire surface well.

Sodium bicarbonate

If vinegar is an essential cleaner, baking soda is not far behind since is one of the best cleaners and can be used on any surface without damaging it and it does not present any type of toxicity. In the case at hand, you have to sprinkle the bicarbonate on the stained area, rub with a damp sponge. And better if we clarify later so as not to leave any trace.

How to clean stainless steel appliances and make them like new

And to brighten

When we have our appliance very clean, we can get it to shine with a little olive oil. To apply it, we use cotton pads or kitchen paper soaked in oil (not too much) and we go over the entire surface of the appliances. In addition, we will also make small scratches less visible.