How to clean mold from the surfaces of the house with a few simple homemade tricks

In a house, with time and without due care, they can begin to bring out the flaws. And one of the most frequent and that causes the worst image is the moisture that accumulates in various corners of the house. This is the case inside the washing machine or dryer, but especially in those areas where water is more than a daily element: the bathtub gaskets or the bath mat, to give two examples.

Therefore, if we have not been curious in this regard, although no matter how much we rub it is inevitable that something appears, we can always use these simple remedies with which we can end unsightly mold it offers an unkempt and unhygienic look. But it is not only that, since at a health level these small nooks and crannies are a focus where the reproduction of bacteria and fungi due to the adhering substance.

If the problem is in the bathtub or shower

The humidity, as well as the lack of ventilationEspecially in bathrooms that do not have a window, it helps sooner or later mold appear. Especially if we talk about the bathtub or the joints around the sink, which receive a daily traffic of people. And it is that this makes that they cannot dry thoroughly said surfaces between uses.

Thus, to eliminate this blackened element we can opt as a first step for the purchase of a specific product to do this or use some of the home remedies:

  • A solution of bathroom cleaner with water and bleach. But, first of all, with the help of the pressurized water jet we will try to remove most of the accumulated mold. Next, it’s time to do a bit of work to make your shower tiles look like new. Now it is the turn to spray with the homemade product, let it act as a half an hour and finally remove everything with the help of a old toothbrush that we no longer use. The last step is to rinse the entire area with water to see how some of the dirt has been removed. A simple three-step operation that we can repeat as many times as necessary until it is as if the bathtub had never been used.
  • Another idea is to use baking soda and vinegar. Two products that are always very effective for cleaning different corners of the home. In this case, what we will do is add both elements in the same container (with a glass of hot water) in the following proportion: three parts of white vinegar plus one of bicarbonate. Shake well before use and spread over the area to be treated. The next steps will be exactly the same than in the example above.
Home remedies to permanently eliminate that accumulation of moisture that is unsanitary

To finish and once we have the bathroom joints completely clean, a special product can be applied to restore the same white color that they used to have.

But we are not leaving the bathroom yet as there is another element of the toilet that needs a good review in this regard. It is the case of silicone mats that are put in the bathtub to avoid slipping when you are showering. Therefore, every time we use the shower we must maintain the good habit of detach it from the ground so that the water does not accumulate underneath and give it a good brush up on cleaning. Next, we hang it well extended so that it airs out and can be completely dried.

But, if we do nothing we will find terrible dirt fences around the suction cups that adhere to the shower tray. In this case, we would only have to take the mat, put it in a container with hot water and a few drops so much of soap like bleach so that the mold softens and can be better removed.

What if the remains have stuck to the bottom of the bathtub? The only possible solution is to put on the gloves, choose some of the aforementioned homemade solutions and apply a little while we rub.

Hands-on with the interior of the washing machine

This essential household appliance also suffers the ravages of mold that accumulates in its various parts. And it is that being a device that is sometimes in operation on a daily basis, it is not complicated that in some areas (such as the part of the eraser where it closes the door) this viscous substance and a green color may appear. A lack of cleaning that accumulates a bad smell and that makes the washing machine go little by little losing effectiveness in their role.

How to clean mold from surfaces in the house (bathtub, washing machine, bathroom mat ...)

It is then when we can remove that dirt from said elastic corner in a simple and natural way and without using any chemicals. In this case we will only need a container to add hydrogen peroxide, lemon and water. A solution that, as in the already known examples, we will put on the part with mold to make it peel off little by little. The final step is to catch a wet rag and review the gum after a few minutes of action of said home remedy. We then dry with a dry cloth.

For the rest of the mold that can accumulate inside the washing machine, it will be enough to put (without clothes, yes) a short wash program with hot water and the usual detergent.

However, we can save ourselves having to follow these cleaning tricks frequently if we heed this recommendation: every time we put the washing machine on and take out the clothes we left the door open so that it is well ventilated inside and we do not allow microorganisms to proliferate at ease.