How to clean and disinfect your mobile correctly

According to a study by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) recently published, The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can survive at least 28 days on surfaces such as plastic or smooth surfaces such as the glass of mobile phones at a temperature of 20 degrees.

From this study it becomes clear that Keeping our mobiles clean and disinfected is also vital, along with hand hygiene, to stop COVID-19 infections. Because these are devices that are already like extensions of our arms that we constantly touch and bring to our face.

In this way, and as the OCU, we must clean and disinfect our smartphones daily. The two processes are different and both are necessary since, cleaning an object removes visible dirt, which reduces the number of germs, but does not eliminate them. And by disinfecting, we seek to eradicate germs that are still present on apparently clean surfaces.

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Steps to follow

For the correct cleaning and disinfection of our mobile avoid excessive humidity that can damage its operation so we will not use aerosols or chemical products nor can we immerse it in liquid. And is that most mobile phones have an oleophobic cover – oil repellent – whose function is to help keep the screen clean and prevent marks such as fingerprints. This layer can be affected by the application of chemical products, so we must avoid the use of bleach solutions or conventional cleaning agents.

In this way, for cleaning and disinfection We will use a lint-free cloth or chamois (those to clean the glasses can help us), soap and water and alcohol or disinfectant wipes.
We will start by turning off the device (thus we run less risk of damaging it) and we will clean it with the cloth (soft and lint-free) moistened with a little soap and water (control the amount of water that must be minimal).

Next, we will go through the surfaces of the mobile, a wet wipe containing 70% isopropyl alcohol, or another cloth with a solution of water and alcohol to achieve disinfection. We will finish the process, thoroughly drying the device making sure that no moisture has entered the grooves.

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And also

  • We must not forget about the mobile phone cases that also have to be cleaned and disinfected. And, before putting it back on, we will make sure that it is completely dry so as not to transfer moisture to the mobile.
  • When cleaning the mobile, you have to be especially careful with camera lenses to prevent scratches.
  • And finally, we must emphasize again the need to wash our hands several times a day. Regular hand washing with soap and water, or an alcohol-based disinfectant, helps kill germs on the hands. This, of course, complements the cleaning and disinfection of the mobile, whose contact with the hands is very frequent.

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