How to clean a fabric or microfiber sofa: 6 steps, 9 solutions

For the children, for the pet, for the use, for that spilled coffee, for the dreaded viruses that have visited us lately … there are many reasons to clean or disinfect an armchair. But how do we do it? What product do we use? Can it be done at home?

We have the answers to these questions. And we are going to start with two premises: cleaning is different depending on the fabric in which it is made and before using any product you should do a test somewhere on the chair Poorly visible.

On this occasion we are going to indicate the steps that we must follow for a fabric or microfiber armchair:


Select the head for upholstery your vacuum cleaner (it is the one with a fabric like red velvet) and run it all over the chair (back, armrests, backs, cushions and seats). You can also go over with a soft brush to remove hair or lint.


Let the sofa as «naked» as possible: the covers of the cushions, the seats, the armrests … All those elements that you can put in the washing machine.


Check the temperature at which they recommend washing on the label and put it in the washing machine. Normally, it is done at a maximum of 40º so that they do not deform or shrink. If they are very dirty, we recommend leaving them to soak for at least one hour with neutral soap.


Let the covers and cushions be dry in the open air and in the shade, if possible.

Rest of the chair

There are several options, natural and homemade, to clean or disinfect the rest of the chair, that is, the parts that you cannot remove. We propose nine solutions:

  • With the steamer. Steam is the best method when we are not using any chemicals, as the high temperatures disinfect the fabrics. In addition, it also serves to eliminate mites and bad odors.
  • With alcohol. Pour it on the surface, pass a soft brush and a clean cloth (better microfiber or cotton). It is important to do it in circular movements, especially in the dirtiest areas or where there are stains.
  • With alcohol, lemon and detergent. Mix half a glass of alcohol, with half a lemon and a teaspoon of detergent. Spray it on the upholstery and remove the dirt with a cloth. You have to make sure to run the cloth all over the upholstery for the solution to work.
  • With warm water, lemon juice and baking soda. Put the juice of a lemon and two tablespoons of bicarbonate in two liters of warm water. Dip a microfiber cloth and with it moistened, wipe it all over the chair. Finish by wiping with a clean cloth.
  • With warm water, vinegar and baking soda. Mix a liter of warm water with a glass of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Go over the entire chair with a cloth previously dampened in the mixture and emphasize the most difficult stains. It is important not to pour the vinegar directly on the sofa as dirt and stains will not disappear and a strong vinegar smell will be impregnated on the armchair.
  • Sodium percarbonate It is a compound derived from carbon that cleans, deodorizes, descales, bleaches, and removes stains in a natural way. It is a very practical trick if you are looking to clean a white fabric sofa, due to its bleaching properties. Fill a container with a liter of warm water and add two or three tablespoons of this powerful natural stain remover. Dampen a clean cloth with the resulting liquid and apply the solution to the surface of the sofa, emphasizing the detected stains. Let the liquid act for 5-10 minutes. Then rub with a brush to remove it, if there are remains, rinse with plenty of water and let it dry to check its effect before sitting down again.
  • Salt. Salt is another very effective natural bleach for removing grease stains. Squeeze three lemons and add a little salt. Mix the salt with the lemon juice so that it is dissolved. Using a clean cloth, rub the made liquid over the stain. Let it work until the stains and the rest of the dirt are removed. Remove with plenty of water.
  • Peroxide. Mix the hydrogen peroxide in water. With a clean cloth, apply the solution all over the sofa, focusing on the areas where you detect the most dirt. Let it work for several minutes and remove the solution with a cloth dampened with water.
  • Ammonia. It is the strongest product of all those that we recommend, in fact, use it only if the armchair or sofa is very dirty. Pour a large amount of warm water into a container and add a good stream of ammonia. Use a soft bristle brush or sponge to apply the solution. Clean the sofa in areas to make sure no areas are left uncovered. Dampen a clean cloth in lukewarm water and, after wringing it, wipe off the remnants of the solution. You will see how the dirt peels off the upholstery and remains impregnated on the cloth.
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Regardless of the product you use, the process ends by letting it dry. It is very important that the chair is dry before replacing all the elements and sitting down.

Go ahead and extend the life of your chair.