How to choose the reducing girdle that best suits your characteristics?

A reducing girdle is designed to shape and stylize the figure, but if you have to start from a basic premise: the girdle is an ally and not an enemy that tortures you every time you put it on. Carry the abdominal area over-tight It can be counterproductive and cause discomfort or discomfort of various kinds, from stomach pain or heartburn to an unpleasant sensation of chest tightness.

Apart from the benefits that its use can bring at an aesthetic level, it must be remembered that a girdle is a piece of underwear, which you probably wear for many hours a day, being in direct contact with your skin, at least in some specific areas of the body. For all this, not just any model. Choosing a textile product of this type is more important than it seems.

What types of reducing girdles are there?

In the market you have an infinity of models at your fingertips and the first thing you have to determine is what kind of girdle do you need according to your specific needs. Following this criterion, three basic categories could be established.

  • Reducing belts from daily use or that you can also buy with the intention of reserving for special occasions, in which it is urgent to reduce a waist or abdomen size.
  • Girdles indicated for the sport practice. They generally have a greater holding power, although they are flexible and light. Some are made with fabrics with specific thermal properties, which increase body temperature to promote the elimination of fats and toxins during exercise. They are not the most suitable for use outside the scope of intense physical activity.
  • Shapewear with features that help cope with various ailments or pathologies. They are not a corset or a therapeutic girdle, but may be designed, for example, to help maintain good body posture or to relieve lower back discomfort.
How to choose the girdle that best suits you

What to look for when choosing one of these garments?

If your goal is to find an everyday girdle that simply feels like a glove and achieves that any dress or pants look more flatteringThese are the most important aspects that you should check to make the right choice. The reducing girdles can be made to exert general pressure in the abdomen, hips and waist area; or for focus your maximum effectiveness at a specific point, for example, on that belly that you want to keep at bay.

Define your needs (reduce the hips, mark the waist, hold the inner thigh …) because there are specific models to make every wish come true. You may require a full-length, type body or, perhaps, a panty type, with a semi-rigid front area to achieve the flat stomach effect. Take a good look at where the garment has its reinforcements because where they are, the girdle will act more forcefully.

The tissue with which it is made is also of special importance. Fortunately, technological advances in the textile industry have meant that you now have different fabrics that combine perfectly elasticity and resistance, making them the most suitable. Thus, the material with which the girdle is made must be soft to the touch, hypoallergenic and breathable. These are characteristics that will not only increase comfort, they will also help keep your skin in good condition.

It is especially important to pay attention to these additional parts that incorporates the fabric, such as internal rods to reinforce the structure, buttons or hooks. The less the garment includes, the better because they usually end up causing annoying chafing.

Body type girdle

Practical tips to help you in your choice

Buying a girdle requires having enough time to try it on calmly. Although it seems obvious, it is essential find the right size so that the reducing girdle really does its job. Do not insist on holding your breath and buying a smaller one than you are entitled to, nor do you opt for the one that does not really reduce because it does not press the slightest bit. The ideal is feel the pressure exerted by the tissue without becoming overwhelming. If you are not sure of the size, ask for advice because this garment should be as exact as possible taking into account two variables: the waist and the hips.

The shape of your body and what you want to hide is the priority when choosing a certain model. From low waist and with leg, to press on the thighs and reduce the «holsters»; with side reinforcements, to achieve maximum remodeling of the contour of the silhouette; with extra elasticity in certain points that achieve buttock lift; or high waist to refine this area of ​​the body, you decide where to reduce.

Finally, when choosing a girdle keep in mind the type of clothes you normally wear. For example, there are some that are more comfortable to wear with pants. Also remember that attending to its color, black, white or nude, Some shades may not be discreet, especially in light-colored dresses or with transparencies. Comfort above all, with the right elasticity and capable of making your figure look slimmer, these are the keys to the ideal reducing girdle.