How to change a light bulb, precautions and recommendations

Changing a light bulb is very simple and one of the most common tasks in a home. In a single minute you can have it done but you must not forget that there are a series of recommendations to change a light bulb in a totally safe way.

Among the complications that could appear are electrocutions, the breaking of the light bulb or electric shocks. We don’t want any of the three.

Follow these tips to change a light bulb

The first thing you have to do is disconnect electrical current. It would be better if you did the change of the daylight bulb, in this way, you would not need an alternative light to carry out the operation. But if you have to change it in a place without windows or at night, you can use a flashlight or a small battery-operated lantern. The important thing is that the power supply is disconnected.

Once we have done this action as a precaution, unscrew the burnt-out bulb from the socket. Normally the turn goes to the left and you must be careful not to split it. If the bulb is broken, wear gloves.

Light bulb

To screw in the new bulb we fit it into the lamp holder and turn to the right. Check that it is tight, otherwise it would blink. Reconnect the supply and everything should be working properly.

If it still does not work, it is likely that the problem is not with the bulb, but with the socket, the lamp, the cables or the electrical current itself. You can cross-test (for example, testing the bulb on other lamps that accept the same type, or testing another fixture on the same socket).

How to choose the bulb

Remember that not all types of light bulb will work for you. You have to look at various details. The easiest thing is to take the burned out light bulb and take it to the store to get another one just like it. You will have to assess the type of thread, the power, the watts and the shape. In addition, to personal tastes, you can choose the color and the type of energy saving.

If you are used to warm bulbs and you take a cold one, you will notice quite the difference, as if you have more bulbs in that room, you should not alternate between one and the other to avoid creating strange color games.