How to care for a poinsettia

It will be a different Christmas, without a doubt, but that does not mean that Christmas decorations should not be lacking in our homes to infect us with their spirit that helps us forget a little about the pandemic situation. Y a clear protagonist of this decoration is the poinsettia or poinsettia with its spectacular red leaves so typical of these dates. It is a delicate plant so it is advisable to pay attention to which specimen we buy if we want it to endure all the holidays with us.

When buying a poinsettia

Tips when buying a poinsettia or poinsettia

When it begins to bloom, the leaves of the Poinsettia next to the small round flowers in the center (inflorescence) change color from green to deep red (these leaves are the bracts). And when choosing which one to buy, we must first look at that plant with a compact and complete set of leaves. It can help us to check it, tap the side of the pot: if the leaves do not fall and stay in place, the plant is in good condition. But if, on the contrary, it loses leaves, it is because it is not, so it is better if we take another copy.

As for the flowers (which, as we have said, are not the red leaves but the small buds in the center) We must opt ​​for that plant that has new flowers and the buds are greenish yellow.. On the other hand, if the leaves have traces of pollen, it implies that maturation is over, so the cycle is already advanced.

On the other hand, It is also important to pay attention to the humidity of the soil to make sure that it has not received too much water and in the store location because it should not be in a drafty place as the poinsettia does not tolerate cold or drafts well. And this is something that we must also take into account when bringing the plant to our home. Better if we wrap it carefully with paper to protect it from low temperatures or wind.

And once at home

Tips when buying a poinsettia or poinsettia

We must locate it, as we have commented, in a place without drafts and that is never below 15 degrees. In addition, when it comes to watering it, the substrate must be humid, but not flooded, so it needs regular waterings but avoiding flooding.

And if what we want to do is use the leaves for a center, when we cut the stem, experts advise putting it in hot water at 60 degrees for a few seconds and then passing it through cold water. With this we will be able to cut the flow of sap and thus the cut poinsettia will last us up to two weeks.