How to build a birdhouse in your garden with your hands

If you are one of those who is lucky enough to have a garden in your house, you can prepare this green space for the enjoyment of more «tenants». And one of those ideas is build a wooden bird house. Not only will they make you happy with their songs, but they will help you by eliminating all kinds of pesky insects and mosquitoes.

What materials do you need?

As expected, this home for these small animals will be made of wood, so the first thing you should do is get several planks that are not too thin to shelter the new tenants of the low temperatures when winter comes. Also be sure to use a variety that is weather resistant like oak or beech; plywood does its job very well in this case too.

On the contrary, plastic bottles or old milk cartons would not be worth us, since they barely protect from inclement weather.

Going back to the wooden boards, start by cutting them to the size you prefer to make the house (neither too big nor too tiny), but in such a way that it has a front wall, a back wall, two sides and two more boards arranged as a roof.

To assemble this last part, use some hinges that allow you to open and close it easily to access its interior. It is also advisable to cover the roof of this birdhouse with a piece of asphalt cloth or a lead sheet.

As a «door» to your particular wooden house, make a inlet hole (or several) that will depend on the size of the birds that will nest; but the minimum is that it has a diameter of 3 centimeters. Also, do not forget to make some small holes throughout the structure so that the air current enters the interior of this wooden shelter and can be ventilated naturally.

How to build a birdhouse in your garden with your hands

The final steps of your birdhouse

There are people who put some straw or small branches inside these birdhouses, but we advise you to don’t add anything since it will be the birds that will be able to accommodate the nest to their liking. Also, do not sand the wood so that they can be better grab and take flight, or paint it too bright colors (it is better to go unnoticed among the trees in your garden).

Once we have our own birdhouse ready, we will place it at a minimum of a couple of meters from the ground to protect the birds from other animals such as cats, for example. Also think of a location that is protected from the rain.

Once this is done, it’s time to wait for the new guests. But do not despair. It will take some time until you have new neighbors, although you can always add some water in case you want to attract them.