How to become an organ donor in Spain

Did you know that Spain is one of the most supportive countries in terms of organ transplantation? According to the World Transplant Registry, our country presents the highest donation rate in the world, an honorable title that he has held since more than 20 years ago and that was reflected in 2016 with the more than 4,800 operations that were carried out thanks to the generosity of 2,000 donors.

Figures that may increase considerably in the future thanks to donor card, a document that expresses our desire to become an organ donor after death. “However, the card has no legal value. It is necessary communicate to our relatives the desire to be donors, so that they authorize the extraction of organs after death “, as recalled by the National Transplant Organization (ONT @ONT_esp). Under this premise, how can you join this initiative?

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How to be an organ donor Spain

As we have just seen, the only thing you need to do to be an organ donor in Spain is to communicate your decision to your family members and request the corresponding card. How? Via Internet or going in person to the health department of your autonomous community, where you should fill a form and your wish will be recorded. You can also go to primary care health centers or medical associations for the sick or transplanted.

On the other hand, if you want, I know living organ donorAnother of the available options, you should contact the ONT or go to your primary care doctor to communicate your decision. Afterwards, they will perform a physical and psychological evaluation to check if you are compatible with the donation of your organs, which are limited to one of the kidneys, part of the liver or pancreas, bone tissue, a lung or bone marrow.

And what happens if you change your mind when you are already a donor? “If you do not want to be an organ donor, tear up your card, if you have it, and communicate it to your relatives and friends so that when the time comes they can transmit their will. Since the data used to issue the donor card is not stored in any donor registry, no need to unsubscribe or communicate to any official body that they have changed their mind, “they explain from the ONT.