How to avoid annoying sales calls

It’s half past three in the afternoon, you’re taking a little nap and your phone rings; It is a commercial trying to sell you a new rate. And it can also happen when you are doing an important procedure, where this situation can be even more embarrassing. These situations are sure to be familiar to you. Android can stop these calls from pestering its users and the latest versions of your operating system already have powerful caller identification features. This function, despite not having those numbers saved, will tell you if it is from an organization with a commercial purpose and even a fraud.

And it is that until not long ago, one of the methods to avoid these calls was to save those numbers. But its effectiveness was short-lived, since these companies constantly change their numbers to prevent people from memorizing those phones. With this function, Android makes identification easy so you can choose whether or not to answer the call incoming.

Android call (Pexels)


But the identification, putting you in the background on whether or not to answer the call, does not prevent the hassle of receiving the call. Also for these Android users the call blocking function. It will not prevent, yes, the first call from the number in question, but when identifying it for the first time, it will offer you the opportunity to completely block any incoming call from it.

To do this, you just have to perform a simple operation. Click on the number or contact you want to block in the call list or in the phone book. Select info or edit contactDepending on the brand, you will see one option or another. There you will enter a menu and you will see in the upper right three vertical points. When pressing on them, a menu will be displayed, in which one of the options will be Block contact. By selecting it, you will stop receiving calls or messages from that specific number. You can carry out this operation with as many numbers as you want.