How to apply for a new credit or debit card?

Data from the Bank of Spain (@Bank of Spain) confirm that the use of cards as a means of payment has not stopped increasing, year after year, in the last decade. We use them both to pay for products and services in different establishments, and to make purchases on the Internet or withdraw cash from the ATM network.

In this sense, there are different situations in which you may need a new card. In case of theft or loss, you must block it immediately Going to your bank branch, by phone or through online banking with your access code. Only once this security measure has been taken, you should proceed to request a new card. Another assumption is that your card has expired but, generally, you will receive another one at your address before this happens. If not, you will have to claim it at your bank office.

All these situations refer to means of payment that you already have, but what happens if you want a new card from your own bank, another or one of the financial companies that offer them?

Credit card

New cards to meet new needs

Currently, there are multitude of different cards that you can request, some linked to your usual bank and others external, which will be associated with the account that you indicate. Before requesting any of them, it is important to know all the details regarding its operation and its costs (interest rate, commissions …), as recalled by the Organization of Consumers and Users (@consumers). When you decide what type of card you are interested in, the steps to have it in your pocket are the following:

  1. Until a few years ago, this type of request was made in branches and financial institutions, but the Internet has arrived and now it is faster and easier to carry out this procedure online. Most of the available cards can be requested in this way from any bank or credit company (whether or not you are a customer and even if you do not have keys of any kind).
  2. You only have to enter the website of the entity offering the card, where you will find detailed information about it and the corresponding form for you to make your request.
  3. As basic conditions, you have to be of legal age and have a minimum income. Each questionnaire is different and each bank will ask you for more or less specific information. Logically, your personal data and others related to your economy: employment situation, income, retirement pension, homes owned, investment funds, level of indebtedness … It is also common that they ask you for information about the limit you want for that card, if you want deferred payments, extra services such as some type of insurance, etc.
  4. Once the online application form has been completed, you just have to send it For the entity to carry out a preliminary study in which it will decide whether to grant you the card or deny it.

Response time is usually very short, a couple of days (sometimes you can get it on the go, receiving an email or a phone call). If your request is approved, the card will arrive at your address and, in subsequent days and separately, the keys so that you can activate it (online or by phone) and start using it.