How should linen garments be washed and ironed?

Flax is a natural fiber of plant origin, used in textile manufacturing for centuries. It is resistant and perfect for summer, because it is fresh and light, but it has a small drawback: its poor elasticity. If a garment 100% linen, or with a high proportion of this fiber in its composition, is not properly treated, it will remain as a “cardboard” whose ironing will be a difficult task.

Tips to keep linen clothes perfect

Linen clothing is always elegant and flattering, and it is not so «delicate» as you could think. Simply, given its characteristics, it requires specific care and not too complicated, but they are important for a suitable conservation.

For washing, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s advice on the label of each garment. Flax can be washed by hand or in the washing machine but, in any case, it must be done in cold or very low temperature water, because this fiber with heat can shrink and deform. If you opt for machine wash, please choose a short program and avoid spinning. If you wash by hand, do not wring more than is strictly necessary. It is also a good idea to protect the garment with a cloth bag or rack, so that it suffers less in the washing machine during the process.

linen garments

A good rinse, which removes any remaining soap or fabric softener deposited between the fibers, is essential to avoid possible stains or discolorations.

The moment to tend also has its importance. Place each garment in such a way that the natural drying (do not tumble dry) do not add extra wrinkles that are difficult to remove later. Try hang clothes as stretched out as possible, respecting its fall and letting the weight of the retained moisture itself play in your favor. As an example, in the case of a jacket, you can place it directly on a hanger. Of course, choose the appropriate one, because the garment will take the shape of its support.

Linen is a light and breathable fabric, so it dries quickly. Keep this in mind, because the best way to get good results with the iron is to use it when you put it on still retains a minimum degree of humidity (not wet, just wet). Linen pieces are best ironed with the help of steam and never at maximum temperature. If you want to end up with a stubborn wrinkle and you must insist, place a thin, dry cloth between the iron and the garment, to make it disappear without damaging the fabric.

Finally, when it comes to storing your clothes in the closet, do not cover them with plastic. It is preferable to leave them in the air or protect them with a cotton or tissue paper cover.