How should I drive to use less gas?

Any formula to save is welcome in these times. We worry about doing it with light or water, but when we take the car we can also get to spend less gas. This gesture will not only benefit our pocketbook, we will also do the environment a favor by driving more efficiently we help reduce CO2 emissions.

The tires

One of the first things to check is that your tire pressure is the right one. For this you will have to look at the recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle model and adapt them to the weather conditions.


Avoid unnecessary accelerations you have to gradually increase speed and try to be constant. Gasoline consumption is low if you drive at just over 20 km per hour in a fixed gear and without stepping on the accelerator.

Slow down and brake

Similarly if we do not decelerate sharply better, to Ideally, take your foot off the gas pedal and not change gear. If you have to stop the brake pedal, you should depress gently and slowly slow down. First you have to stop and then put the gear.

Start the car

When we start the car we must do it without stepping on the gas. In diesel engines it is advisable to wait a few seconds before putting the first gear and start moving, and then you have to change to second as soon as possible.

Windows and air conditioning

If we drive down the highway it is better to do it with the windows closed as the force of the air makes us use more fuel. However, in places where you have to drive slowly such as urban areas it is more efficient to open them and not use the air conditioning.

Long marches

You always save more by driving in high gears. In the city it can be done but respecting the speed limits. And if you’re going to be standing still for more than a minute, it’s better to turn off the engine.


The less loaded you travel the betterespecially over long distances. If the vehicle goes with excess luggage, you will cause an additional cost of gasoline.

Compare prices

Before refueling, if you can compare the prices of different gas stations, you may save a few euros. These can vary substantially from one service station to another.