How often should we change sheets and towels?

Even if you think that by using the towels after showering or getting into bed with clean pajamas, both towels and sheets will be free of microorganisms, you are wrong.

These are two elements that inadvertently accumulate dust, skin remnants, hair, dandruff, saliva, sweat, mites, humidity, fungi, cream remnants, among countless others. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them frequently.

Regarding the sheets, we will also tell you the importance of ventilating the bed every day before making it since, in this way, we will achieve to a certain extent that sweat and humidity dries or dust is eliminated, for example.

Both sheets like towels should be change once a week.

In the case of sheets, if it is also a hot season where we sweat excessively or are sick, this frequency should be even higher.

How often should we change sheets and towels?  Photo: bigstock

Towels meanwhile, at the end of summer when we leave the rest of the tan on the towel and turn brown, we should also wash them more frequently. In addition, if we do not dry them properly after home use, they can accumulate musty odor and even generate fungus, with which, either we leave them in a place to dry properly or we should change them at least a couple of times a week. And the same happens with those of the hands, whose frequency of change should be even higher.

There are other household fabrics that should also be changed more frequently than we imagine or are used to, such is the case of bedspreads, duvets, bathroom mats or kitchen towels, among others.

In the case of the bedspreads or the nordics, Most of us tend to wash them once or twice a year, coinciding with the seasonal changes. However, we should wash them at least once a month.

Regarding kitchen rags or cloths, as with scourers, they accumulate much more dirt and bacteria than we imagine. Therefore, it is advisable to change them at least once a week, but if we do two or even three, it will be even better.

As for the mats, we must wash them once or even twice a week, since we step on them before getting in the shower when we still have dirty feet, such as when we go out accumulating moisture. All this makes it a prone place for the accumulation of microorganisms.

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