How often do I have to pay the bills?

Payment of receipts for various supplies that we have contracted in our home it may vary according to its nature. For this reason, below we break down, by supply, how often do you have to pay each of the main bills in general.

The light

The electricity bill can be defined as the receipt that the user receives according to the electricity consumed over a specified period of time. Currently, most electric companies have two types of bills. The traditional paper, which would arrive by post, and the electronic invoice. One of the advantages of the latter is that, in addition to taking care of the environment, can be consulted through the internet from any device.

According Royal Decree 1718 /2012 of December 28, from April 1, 2013, electricity billing is done every two months based on actual consumption readings. And always at the end of the month. Therefore, the electricity is a receipt that must be paid bimonthly, 6 times a year.

How often do I have to pay the electricity, water and gas bills?  (big stock)


The water bill refers to the water consumption that we have made throughout the month. This receipt does not only include the water consumption, but also the fixed service fee and the taxes of the various administrations. Like the previous one, the water bill is passed every two months, as collected Aigües from Barcelona, ​​and at the end of each month.

The gas

Since the technician of the relevant company must come to the house personally to read the gas, this supply, like the previous ones, is paid every two months. The price of the gas bill includes the fixed monthly amount, the billed consumption, the natural gas tax and the equipment rental.

Also, on the invoice you will see the evolution of the last year, allowing you to get an idea of ​​the average consumption you spend each month. The invoice will always be issued to our bank in the last week of the same. However, if you want to have a more exact control, you can register in their online billing service, reaching you an email whenever the last receipt is going to be issued.

Pay the bills

What if I can’t pay the bills?

Due to limited financial resources, some people cannot afford to pay their bills in the indicated time frame. In these cases, what consequences does the consumer face?

When it comes to the electricity in your home, if you don’t pay the bill, the electric company may exercise your right to cut the supply. However, before reaching this point, they will contact you to indicate the steps to follow and the deadline to pay the pending invoices, which usually around two months from that notice to the suspension of service. If this happens, the electricity will be activated again when the customer pays the corresponding bill.

The same goes for water and gas. In both cases, the user has a margin of between 15 and 20 days from the issuance of the invoice to pay the fee, although this depends on the company with which you have contracted the service. After this period, a request is made again and the days available to pay the money are increased. Finally, some companies send the customer one last certified notice to record the situation you are in. This allows them to justify cutting off the supply if payment is not made.

In the case of water, it is usually remove the tube that supplies the vivience of said service. In addition, if you want to reinstall it you will not only have to pay the bill, but also a new equipment that usually costs around 100 euros. On the other hand, to restore the gas in your house you must pay an extra amount of money as compensation for disconnection costs.