How much does it cost to reform a bathroom? And a kitchen?

The beginning of a new year is always accompanied by new purposes and projects: year of life, new life. And of course, with how complicated 2020 has been, it makes you want to turn the page. But if you can’t be so radical as to change your life, maybe you can do those renovation works that you had pending at home for a long time. The kitchen and the bathroom are the pieces of the house that we Spaniards reform the most. At least that is what emerges from the «Report on the reform and repair in Spain 2019» of the platform of the reform and repair sector Habitissimo, which collects that the bathroom (51%) and the kitchen (40%) They were the rooms of the house most chosen by the individuals surveyed to reform.

In fact, according to the platform, in May 2020, 62% of the people who had requested to carry out a reform or repair before covid-19 already affirmed their intention to carry it out once the confinement ended. Of these, 35% stated that they wanted to reform the bathroom once the alarm state had ended. On average, the Spaniards surveyed by habitissimo stated that they would invest 5,000 euros in the reform of his kitchen and 4,000 euros in the reform of his bathroom.

However, according to the data of the National Association of Distributors of Ceramics and Building Materials (Andimac) we may have to spend a little more money if we want to reform these two rooms of our house. Thus, Andimac considers that the most expensive renovations that are carried out in a home are precisely those that are carried out in the kitchen and the bathroom, “rooms that require disbursements of about 5,700 and 5,400 euros, respectively». In other words, reforms that are more frequent at the same time, such as these, account for «almost 49% of the total budget» for a comprehensive reform of a home (VAT apart).

According to Habitissimo, reforming ac7 square meter office that requires works can cost us, as a guide, € 5,900. If the kitchen is only 4 m, the price would be around € 3,850, while if I had 10 square meters It could cost us about 8,100 euros. On the contrary, a reform in a kitchen that does not require works could mean an expense of about 2,500 euros.

Kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that we reform the most.  What is the average cost of these works?  (Photo Bigstock) 2

As for the bathroom, the outlay for transforming one of 6 square meterss can be about € 4,250 (€ 3,500 if it is 4 meters). But if it is not necessary to remove tiles, the price can go down to 2,900 euros. Finally, if there is no work to be done, the cost could be 2,000 euros.

Rethink spaces

Another effect that has also had coronavirus pandemic (especially as a result of confinements and the generalization of teleworking) has been the need to reconvert spaces within homes to meet the needs caused by spending more time at home. Come on, we’ve become more practical.

In the bathroom renovation, the changing bathtub for shower is a classic, especially for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. When we have small children (or grandchildren), the bathtub is very useful (even if we have to slide down to attend to them or get on our knees in front of the bathtub). Sometimes, if we have been lucky enough to be able to reserve a good time for ourselves, we can also use a bathtub to immerse ourselves in a relaxing bath.

Those who have the lucky to have two bathrooms, they still have the possibility of keeping the bathtub in one of them. But when we get older, the truth is that we seek practicality and safety above all else. Even above aesthetic criteria.

In any case, in addition to eliminating architectural barriers and reducing the risk of falls, changing our bathtub for a shower tray has other added benefits, such as the fact of saving space and, incidentally, saving water and energy, which is no small thing. in these times.