How much can the renewal of the DNI cost me this year?

The renewal of the National Identity Document It is a mandatory procedure for all Spaniards. Although it can be obtained at any time, the age set as mandatory to have it is fourteen years old. Depending on the moment that is obtained, the time that must elapse until its renewal varies. This is so until the age of seventy. With this age becomes permanent and no longer needs to be renewed.

However, it is good to know what periods are established to do this procedure. These are counted from the dates of issue or each of the renewals. When the wearer has less than five years (without actually meeting them) it has to be renewed every two; later, from the age of five and when they are not yet thirty at the time it is issued or renewed, it must be changed every five years; and finally, this time is doubled, transforming into ten, when you turn 30 and have not reached 70.

There are a series of exceptions that can change the time stipulated in a generic way to change the DNI. Thus, the condition of permanent is given to people over thirty years of age who «prove the condition of a great invalid». The other assumption is valid for one year, when due to various circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, some of the documents required to carry out this operation could not be presented.

DNI and passport renewal canceled: the previous appointment is lost

What is the price?

Based on these preconditions, if we have to renew the DNI, the first thing we usually ask ourselves is the cost of this operation. Well, there are different assumptions. As of today, the regulations that regulate this rate establishes that in general «renewal due to expiration, loss, theft, advance payment or deterioration of the aforementioned document» is of 12.00 euros. These can be paid in cash at the same office where we carry out the procedure or we can also use the option of payment electronically.

If there has been some modification or in our personal circumstances such as a change of address or affiliation data, and we want to change it for this reason, then it has no cost, is free. The same will happen if we are beneficiaries of the large family status.

Large family status must be proven by the presentation of the Card or Certificate of Large Family of the applicant in force «issued under the protection of Law 40/2003 of November 18 for the protection of large families and its regulation RD 1621/2005 of December 30.» All members belonging to that family unit must appear in this title. As an option, it is allowed to present the individual large family card of the holder of the document to be issued, whether he is of legal age or minor.

The Ministry of the Interior indicates that this rate is «a state tribute.» Similarly, it is specified that the regulation establishes that the “Government will promote the legal standard of adequate rank for the adequacy of the rate to be received for this procedure, according to its cost and in consideration of the benefits it provides to the community.» A) Yes, It is renewed every year by means of the General State Budget LawTherefore, from one year to another, its amount may vary.

Electronic DNI

Telematic payment

Currently, thanks to new technologies, payment for this management, can be done electronically via the internet. To make use of this service, the first thing we have to take into account is that we must have a signature certificate, that is, Electronic DNI or any other accepted certificate.

This option is only valid also when you are going to make an appointment for renew a single document. Telematic payment can only be made individually, never for multiple appointments. It is a management that can also only be chosen for the renewal of DNI or passport, so that for the first expeditions it is not possible to use this payment method. In addition, this must always be done by the holder of the DNI through a credit card or bank account that is in their name.

If we have a digital certificate we can use it for this purpose from the computer or mobile where we have it installed. In the case of having DNIe or Electronic DNI it is necessary to have a software that can be downloaded in the Web page enabled for it. In this case, it is necessary to know the PIN, which they had to provide us when we took them out the last time.

This alternative can be used as long as we have requested an appointment to carry out the management. At this time, the option to «make the payment» should appear. After following the steps, we will be given proof of payment. This paper must be kept in case you are alone at the dispatch office.